Zili letter Essay Example

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1st October 2016,

Sheradyn Holdhead, a resident,

PO BOX 356,


Local government,

PO BX 7863,


Dear Sir,

Subject: pollution in the River Torrens

The heavy rains are bringing many debris and rubbish into River Torrens leading to pollution of the river. Contamination of the river Torrens whenever it rains can be associated with the poor policies of the local government of ensuring a clean environment for the residents. The local government has not been ensuring that the city is clean by collecting the rubbish that has then been polluting the river. Despite the many complaints of the residents the local government has not been taking action to control pollution in the river.

Many football fans are facing challenges due to the rotting debris and rubbish are causing air pollution making many residents do complain of the failure of the local government to deliver the promise of ensuring a clean environment. The local government has committed $4million for managing the storm water system, but it is clear that it has been reluctant to start the project of cleaning the city. Despite the increasing pollution of the river, the local government has cut down the storm water funding by $2 million meaning that the city will continue experiencing floods. The residents have continued suffering due to the pollution of the river where there has been an increase in unpleasant smell due to raw sewage.

There is the need for the local government to take immediate actions to restore the conditions of the city environment. I request for changes that will ensure that the residents are living in a clean environment.

Yours sincerely,

Sheradyn Holdhead.