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Youth Worker key selection criteria questions to be answered Essay Example

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Child and young people care 2



Dear Sir/Madam:

Am writing this due to your advertisement of the above position in the

Childs magazine, Thursday, March 3, 2015. At this time in my career, I need new opportunities and challenges to use my skills in your department.

According to reference upon the qualifications described in the advertisement, I have described my capabilities according to what I can and am possible of.

  • The ability to effectively and collaboratively work as a team to accomplish the program goals

Out of my good administrative characteristics have been able working with an organization for two years as their instructor that where I learn working as a team and part of the team. Where you must be aware of what you want to achieve at a particular time and certain quality.

  • Demonstrated capacity to be engaged with young people and children, ability to work with control of emotional and behavioral deregulations and also be able to understand the causes of problems like Attachment and Trauma affecting child development.

I have a diploma on anger and emotions control mostly when working with young children since they can’t hold it for long.am capable of working together with young people by detecting a problem disturbing a child.

  • Exhibition of empathy to young people

Young people need to be shown that feeling of being loved and they can do anything, in regards to this, I do show empathy to those in need in way that they don’t feel hopeless in life but end up in good mind.

  • Ability to engage, advocate and negotiate with stakeholder i.e. family and school.

I believe in offering excellent service to the customers, in volunteer work I have been able to organize events, control and take care of all responsibility in events like; fund raising activities.

With this am able to work as r an advocate for the young children in terms of their basic need for education with all kind of people in the right way as possible

  • Willingness to understanding policy related issues and willingness of learning the appropriate legislation

There so many bodies governing child justice. I have been able to go through most of the basic policies like Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS. and have been attending seminars and), and books like The CHILDREN’S BUREAU LEGACY. But am sure that is not enough so am ready to continue gaining more knowledge about that as I go on with the work.

  • Ability to maintain boundary and control emotions at higher developed capacity

I have trained myself how to conquer emotions and even in an environment with many emotions. I do set rules that a bind by my job so as to maintain good and required boundaries for what to be done and what not to.

  • Oral communication and writing skills

I have done Computer training using Microsoft Word and I gained much experience for around three years in kanga organization for people with disabilities. For that time have been working with very little supervision

For 5 years I had specialized in communication skills and administrative support positions where at this time levels of responsibilities were also increasing, I have good communication and my skills of organizational are good too in relation to my experience in working in offices.

  • Demonstration of Committed and understanding principles of equity, safety, diversity, risk ,management, occupational health and continual improvement

There are other course activities I had gone through some like; first Aid seminars and even risk and danger management since these are things we encounter day in day out.in every organization theirs share of resources where I believe in equality or as per the rules and the policy governing the institution.am ready for being to be committed to serving and for the growth and improvement of my career each and every day.

I looking forward to an opportunity to discuss this position with the regard of my qualifications with you.