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As a Leader tomorrow

Challenging the process

Testing the process is the primary practice that allows a manager to find innovative and unique ways of doing things (Kouzes and Posner 10). As a future leader, I will always take the initiative to confront the traditional cultures of my organization with some radicle new ideas that can help to reinvent the 1organization. However, I will always take the time to consider the new ideas before trying them. Encouraging productive and open exchange of ideas will help me to ensure that the new planning receives a fair hearing.

The second step would be avoidance of making invalid assumptions in every judgment making process. Fellow workers will be the best source of information to justify whether new ideas will work or won’t work. Self-discipline and thoughtfulness would be the most important aspects to ensure that I maintain high levels of innovation in all the decisions. Finally, I would spend most of my time in the organization pursuing new possibilities. Therefore, my primary task will be to surface and discuss the new opportunities as well as allow other people to experiment, tinker and prototype the new possibilities.

Enable others to Act

Successful leaders have not achieved their success on their own. All successful leaders empower others to act by encouraging teamwork while reinforcing their abilities. The primary skill that I would use to promote teams, partnership and other alliances to function in my organization is collaboration. I would pay a lot of attention in identifying all the stakeholders who must make the project a success and all those who must live with the results. Therefore, I would always make it possible for my followers to undertake extraordinary responsibilities.

As noted by Kouzes and Posner (13), mutual respect in the workplace helps to sustain extraordinary efforts. Therefore, I would strive to create an open atmosphere in my organization. Through the promotion of trust and confidence, my followers will have the enthusiasm to take risks, make changes, and keep the group active. Finally, I would strive to make my colleagues feel the sense of personal power and ownership of the organization. This action would further motivate them to do their best.

Encouraging the Heart

The process of climbing to the top is a challenging and long process. In most cases, people get shattered and exasperated. Consequently, the majority of the people will give up or attempt to give up. Therefore, as a leader, I would always encourage the heart by distinguishing contributions and revealing unique values and triumphs. For example, making the workplace to fun and find creative ways to note the contributions made by my co-workers would greatly encourage and motivate their hearts.

The next strategy that I would use is setting high standards and high expectations of the organization. Making all the stakeholders aware that I expect the best from them and then create self-fulfilling revelations about how ordinary people can achieve excellent results would further motivate them. Finally, to rekindle people’s focus and energies, I would offer encouragement, personalize appreciation and maintain an active position in the organization. Therefore, creating a celebration atmosphere and showing appreciation to people’s contributions will greatly encourage the heart.

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