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Leadership Position Today

What is leadership?

From my understanding, Leadership is an ongoing process where the person in that position influences the followers positively with the aim of accomplishing some set objectives. Different scholars and authors have defined leadership differently. As noted by Shimek (3), leadership is a process that causes a change in individuals as well as a social system. The result of leadership is a positive transformation of the followers, and the end goal is developing the followers into leaders. Buell (22) further noted that leaders get the work done with and through other people. Therefore, leaders must embed the capacity for greatness in the people and practices in their organizations. The terms that stand out in the definition of leadership is a continuous process, influence, positively and accomplishment of objectives. These words that help to distinguish a leader and a person holding a leadership position. A leader must influence others and lead them towards achieving some set goals.

Model the Way

Decisiveness, speed, open-mindedness, dependability, and discipline are the values that will help me to become an exemplary leader. Decisiveness is the process of making sound and defendable resolutions promptlymanner especially in the times of crisis and uncertainty (Buell 22). Capacity to make sound decisions is crucial to the effectiveness of the leader and the success of his/her organization. Speed allows me to make the right choices at a promptness that does not compromise their quality. Speed helps to improve the odds of making the right decisions and successfully putting the decisions into action.

The value of dependability goes hand in hand with the discipline to avoid procrastination and hard work to accomplish all the tasks. Dependability is the situation where other people rely upon the leader to perform his duties correctly, with integrity and accountable (Shimek 4). Being open minded further allows me to face all obstacles by improvising ways to overcome them. This value helps me to make necessary changes with the aim of optimizing the outcomes.

In the past few weeks, I was able to reorganize my group discussion to accomplish the assignment successfully. Our team leader had always postponed the group meetings and the deadline to submit the job was at hand. My first action was to contact all the team members and convinced them on the need to meet urgently. The second action was to reorganize the strategy of completing the assignment. I shared different sections of the allocation to all group members depending n their competence. I led them to set deadlines to finish their tasks. Finally, I made a follow up to ensure that all members completed their duties within the stipulated time-frame. Consequently, we were able to finish the assignment in time successfully.

Other values that I would add include excellent communication skills, respect, and innovation. Excellent communication skills will allow me to listen and get the necessary information from my fellows. Giving them respect will ensure that they cooperate in all the undertakings. Finally, innovation will allow me to come up with unique solutions.

Inspire a Shared Vision

In future, I would like to become an influential leader who promotes sustainability in the society. I would achieve this goal through making effective decisions guided by effective communication, participation and integration of the best practices. My decisions will rely on evidence.

Learning good communication skills, efficient research methods and being resourceful will help me to achieve these goals. This skills will allow me to work with others, to fully utilize the available resources and to come up with viable decisions. Other skills that will be important include evaluative skills, organizations skills, and consistency.

In the last few weeks, I participated in community awareness program. Our team had ten members, and we went round our estate enlighting people about the causes of contagious diseases such as cancer, blood pressure and tuberculosis and ways that they can manage them. My primary duty was to pass information and get blood samples for testing the diseases. We had a target of meeting 20 families in two weeks time. However, we were only able to meet twelve families.

The original problems that prevented us from hitting our target were time and poor communication. Most of the times, we began our exercise late as some members, including the group leader reported late. During other times, we did not receive the necessary instruction at the right time, which further affected our activities. Therefore, I would have liaised with the group leader to improve on time management and the mode of passing instructions.

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