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Yellow Pages


Yellow Pages offer one of the most reliable and easy means of advertising. This is based on the fact that they are localized, which implies that one is able to obtain filtered information about a city or town. Hence, Yellow Pages are highly targeted and focused on delivering the information to people who buy them (Louis 2014). Different categories and headings exist, which advertisers use to place their adverts. Further, Yellow Pages offer an option of placing multiple adverts when the business activities of a company are multiple. Moreover, Yellow Pages are highly effective in terms of advertising and having higher returns on investment (ROI). This occurs since one is able to track responses in advertisement.

Yellow Pages are accessible to shoppers round the clock. Hence, shoppers can access information they want on products from a company throughout within their desired locations (Gerald & Losen 2001). Further, advertisers have the ability of using Yellow Pages as a means of market targeting. Such occurs when the printed information is availed to potential customers who are anticipated to become loyal persons of a given brand. On the same note, Yellow Pages are in constant use in the market where these directories are distributed to every business and home, which makes it possible to disseminate information accurately. Hence, consumer awareness is developed since several people can access the information readily.


Yellow Pages are disadvantaged by the fact that advertisers only have one opportunity to place the advert. Therefore, they have to ensure that the advert is effective in terms of delivering the desired message to shoppers since a failure of the advert to deliver the desired message would imply that Yellow Pages are not effective. On the same note, the cost of Yellow Pages is high compared to other means of advertisement. Hence, advertisers are not guaranteed of a return on the investment when they use Yellow Pages. Such returns are dependent on the ability of shoppers to develop a positive attitude towards the advertised products and make purchases. Yellow Pages are characterized of inflexibility, which occurs when quick changes and updates do not occur. Such results in making consumers lack information on product changes. In addition, the size of Yellow Pages is bulky, which makes them cumbersome (Cords 1999). Consequently, majority of consumers tend to ignore using Yellow Pages as points of reference to gather information.

Yellow Pages have experienced a phase of decline in sales. Such occurs when consumers stop using Yellow Pages as points of reference in order to obtain credible information about products. This is also experienced in cases where consumers realize that some of the companies or certain advertisers are not available in the Yellow Pages. Hence, these consumers cease to use Yellow Pages as points of reference to gather useful information on the product that they need to buy. Moreover, online based advertisements are overtaking the use of Yellow Pages. Thus, consumers have changed their focus to online based adverts instead of the adverts, which are availed through the Yellow Pages. Therefore, Yellow Pages are becoming insignificant in the advertising market. Furthermore,


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