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Caravan Tourism presentation

This paper presents an abstract of the findings of a research report conducted by the Canberra University in Yass Caravan Park in Australia. The main aim of the research was to investigate the potential the Yass valley held, with regard to adopting Caravan tourism; an emerging strategy in Australia. It took duration of four to five months to complete the stipulated tasks of the research. The research employed two main methodologies which entailed fourteen surveys and one on one interviews.

Fifty one of respondents were retirees, and almost half the respondents indicated that they were receiving less than $30, 000 per annum. Thus most respondents were retirees on a pension (Puniard 2011, p.5). In response to the question asking respondents to rate the most important features they expect of a caravan park the most important were safety and security, and clean amenities. The least important were Internet access and a kiosk or shop onsite. All other of the 12 attributes listed were rated important.

Yass is surrounded by stiff competitors who have significant advantage over it. For example Goulburn has equipped its site with more powered cabins, personal toilets for tourists adjacent to the cabins. The epitome of the site’s attractiveness is its tidiness and excellent spacious kitchens. The other competitor is Gundagai which has an approximated number of Eighty nine powered sites and twenty one cabins. Despite the site been prone to floods due to its proximity to Murrumbidgee River, it still has high number of tourists. The research found that there is less demand for unpowered sites (NRMA(NSW) 2009-10). This is a key factor to consider in order increase its competitive advantage. The powered sites have been found to have their peaks in specific months of the year (March, April, September and October. There is a likelihood of having hundred percent of tourists in particular times of the four months coupled with turning down of some clients due to the brim capacity.

It was also noted that the untidiness is brought about by the presence of clients who sought for long term stay in the area. They end up customizing the allocated space to suit their own needs and accommodate their possessions. This happens mainly because the clients seek for affordable cabins which are likely to be indirectly proportional to their desires. However, there are possible solutions to help curb the negative impacts brought about by permanent clients. The authorities could consider doing away with the long term client services and have it as tourist based in Toto (Puniard, 2011 p. 15-16). In addition, if the need to cater for long term residential clients is inevitable, then there ought to be strict set rules and regulations to prevent interference with the nature o f the facilities. Creating a demarcation between the tourists’ sites and the permanent residents could also help ease the problem.

From the literature review, it has been noted that the number of people making use of the Caravans in Australia is projected to increase with seventeen percent by the year two thousand and twenty. More tourists yearn for better amenities especially the toilets, barbeques and dump sites (Tourism Tasmania, 2009 as cited by Puniard, 2011 p.18). The review also shows that the highest numbers of tourists are from within Australia with a percentage of less than ten from without. As stated by Yeo & Grech (2006), most caravans are situated in disaster prone areas which put the tourists’ lives in danger since there is few disaster preparedness measures accounted for.

Yass has many selling points especially the custom buildings and shopping supermarkets coupled with cafes and bars
(Puniard, 2011 p.23). Its proximity to the river, town centre and presence of swimming places it at a higher selling point. Proposals on where the new facility could be best placed entail having it near Hume Highway especially for night stop over. It could also be located near the town but this has more limiting factors like the need to demolish the existing structures and build new ones.

It can be concluded that Caravan business is the next big thing in Australia Tourism industry. With the proposed increment of tourists, the business will grow rapidly if much emphasis is put to ensure that the services provided are excellent for the potential customers. The nature of the current facilities is wanting and needs to be advanced. More services like playing grounds for children, toilets, and well equipped laundry sites are essential. These will ensure that the needs of all age groups are catered for. The marketing strategy ought to adopt new technology like use of interactive websites. This is a key tool for crowd sourcing and getting new ideas to implement in order to increase its competitive advantage. The number of tourists from other states could also be increased by creating more awareness and investing more cross-cultural facilities.


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