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Media Release

Immediate Release

Geez, that’s Funny’ Comedy Festival

Adelaide, South Australia June 20, 2014. Calling comedy lovers, the annual Adelaide festival comedy is proud to present ‘Geez, that’s funny’ comedy festival starting July 5th to July 12th 2015. The festival will be held in Adelaide, South Australia at Adelaide festival centre. The festival will feature Adelaide Cabaret Festival and dozens of live performances by comedians from Adelaide, Australia and from around the world. The comedy festival will offer SA’s events arts and tourism. “It is a fantastic art and tourism event with the atmosphere of an excellent recent fashioned comedy,” Adam Hills said. Jay Weatherill said that “it will not just be wealth of comedy festival but also fabulous experience of Adelaide and south Australia tourism.”

The acts confirmed for the comedy, for the first festival in 2015, include Ricky Gervais, Dawn French and Jim Carey. Each will do an exclusive ‘one-night-only’ stand up performances at the festival. The other Australian and international acts confirmed are Jake Ross, henry McCormack, Adam Hills and JenniferConiston. The director of the comedy festival will be Australian born comedian, Adam Hills. He said that “I am over the moonfor the invitation to direct the first festival.” He is expected to relocate to Adelaide in early January 2015 in order to organise the event. He adds that, “this e vent will showcase Australia’s best comedy acts as well as international acts.”

There will be a special ‘Kids Comedy Zone’ during the comedy festivals, it aims to attract to day time sessions. The festival received sponsorship from the south Australian government worth $2 million for three years. This sponsorship will get the festival off the ground and running. Another boost is that the ‘Geez, that’s funny’ comedy festival will coincide with the opening of the festival centres refurbished Hajek Plaza. The redevelopment of the plaza was earmarked by the South Australia government.

The Minister for the Arts is the Premier; Jay Weatherill said that “the festival is a very good opportunity to Adelaide and south Australia tourism industries. They will opportunity to showcase what they provide.” The participants will be entertained by different comedians. Adelaide festival centre chief executive officer, Douglas Gautier added that “the festival will open up South Australia as a preferable destination for Australians and foreign tourists for their holidays. It will provide excellent flow on from Adelaide Cabaret Festival. ”