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The first recommendation for DGL International is that the management should give power to John Terrill as a team leader to help in designing jobs for the technical services division. This will enable Terrill to assign jobs to the engineers in the technical services department in accordance with the areas that they are skilled to perform best in. In turn, this will help in enhancing their productivity and that of the technical services division.

The second recommendation is that as noted by John Terrill, the engineers in the technical services division should be allowed to prepare short monthly reports about the work that they are doing instead of daily reports. This will help them to dedicate most of their time to doing the technical work as required in their department. In addition, they will be working together with Terrill as their team leader, who will be able to monitor their work and hence eliminate the need for presenting daily reports to the senior management of the company.

The third recommendation is that the senior management of DGL International needs to take a proactive approach of reviewing the monthly reports to be generated by the technical services division regularly. By doing so, they will be able to monitor progress and make recommendations where necessary.

Fourth, the senior management of the company needs to support Terrill’s transformational leadership approach. This involves showing concern for the followers’ welfare, meeting them regularly and listening to their concerns about their work, and motivating them to achieve more (Lucas 2005, p. 21). By doing this, the management will be able to win the confidence of the engineers in the technical services division and thus help reduce the turnover in this department.


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