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5Marketers’ Influence on Consumer Behaviour

Marketers’ Influence on Consumer Behaviour


The purpose of every single business is to earn more profits through offering products and services that meet the needs of the consumers. As a result, consumer behavior determines the nature of products produced by the business and type of business people invest in. The research would be focusing on types of consumer purchases and ways in which the interaction with the marketers have been able to influence these behaviors (Mort, McColl-Kennedy, Kiel, & Soutar, 2004, 105). The processes used by the consumers to purchase their products tend to differ from one consumer to another. These categories depend on the consumers’ degree of involvement, difference between the existing brands, and motive behind the purchase.

Impulse purchase

  • Occurs whenever a consumer purchases a product without prior plans of buying because of influence from the fiends or the marketers, hence, they make purchase without reasons

  • Generally, the low prices of the products are the major factor contributing to the impulse purchase as firms reduce prices to attract more clients

  • The culture of human consumption is a major factor enabling people to succumb to temptations originating from purchasing products without any consideration for the immediate consequences

  • From psychological point of view, to control impulsive purchase, it is important to understand the factors encouraging impulsive purchase. Impulsive purchase sometimes are social, image concerned, and status conscious factors, thus, consumers engage in such activities for show offs or elevation of social status (Yoo, 2009, 111). Such factors play an important role in the interaction process

Routine purchase

  • There are products that consumers purchase frequently

  • The consumers spend very less time deciding on whether to purchase these products because they do not typically require reviewing.

  • These products also have low costs and risks associated with their purchase

  • The consumers have the past experienced with purchasing certain products, so the purchase process takes place automatically without thinking for recurrent purchase.

  • Brand recognition plays an important role towards initiating a response behavior among the consumers (Arslan & Altuna, 2010, 125). While marketing such products, it is crucial that the marketers take into consideration the time factor since routine purchase takes place at distinct time.

Limited decision-making purchase

  • It involve moments when consumers engage in purchase and require limited time to make

  • To some extent, the consumers might seek suggestions from a friend.

  • Considering the differences in the prices of similar products, consumers often conduct the cost-benefit analysis before deciding whether to purchase the products

  • It is the accountability of the marketers to influence the method used by consumers to arrive at decisions

Extensive decision-making purchase

  • Consumers meet commodities of varying prices in the market

  • Products with higher costs often take time for consumers to decide whether to purchase them or not

  • The method involves serious consultation with different people. Therefore, the business must ensure there are marketers at every point to answer questions relating to the needs of the consumers.


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