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Sidney Airport

Date: 13th September, 2013.

Title: Brief for the Chief Executive Officer

Issue: Inadequate capacity at Sydney Airport

Background and Summary of the Issue

The need for a second airport in Sydney, or better still an expansion of Sydney Airport is an issue that attracted attention from different prominent personalities including the prime minister of Australia. It draws from the current inadequate capacity of Sydney Airport that has flagged as a major concern the country’s tourism. Main reasons point to lack of infrastructure in the airport, which potentially keep tourists away. This is an issue that only the Chief Executive Officer of the airport can respond to in terms of development of a second airport or expansion. The situation is characterized by delays and disruption of customers, a situation which if left to go on as it is, Sydney Airport will be at the risk of overloading or losing its share to other airports.

Importance of the Issue to Sidney Airport

Sydney Airport stands out as one of the oldest but continuously operational airports in the world. In Australia, it is the busiest airport as records of over 35 million passengers in 2011 indicate (Sydney Airport, 2012). This shows the level of potential tourism that Sydney would enjoy if there was adequate air transport services. The tourism industry council NSW chairman rules this as the major problem that the Australian industry is facing in Sydney (Wallace, 2011). This issue is, therefore, important for Sydney Airport in the sense that the public could be losing their enthusiasm and trust in the facility’s capacity to handle and enhance the region’s economy. In addition, as mentioned, it also puts the airport at the losing its share to other airports. More importantly, people may chose not to visit Sydney or even chose not to come to Australia at all.

Recommended Public Stance

This would come out the organizations choice on the appropriate approach to the issue. Relative to the public, it is recommendable that the organization addresses the issue in a manner that restores public interest, enthusiasm and belief in the airport. Accordingly, the airport, through, its Chief Executive Officer, announced the proposal of dividing the airport into two sections for the operating airlines. It has also commenced two major large expansions, one of which includes additional high-rise office block, multilevel car park, and both international and domestic arrivals.

The CEO’s Role in Addressing This Issue

The CEO, Kerrie Mather, has a broad international perspective and ability to develop strategic alliances with airlines and other partners around the world. She has worked in various international jurisdictions to deliver major airport initiatives including long term commercial agreements. She, therefore, is in a better position to address issues of upgrade and expansion of airport facilities.

The CEO’s talking points:

  • Aviation innovation, productivity and opportunities

  • Brief retail strategy presentation of the airport’s performance

  • The airports position in the Australian shareholders association

  • Commercial performance in terms of annual results and reports

  • The current state of the expansion project that started in 2005 and expected to complete in 2025

  • The airport’s current capacity compared to the 36 million passengers annually since 2011.

  • The proposal of creating alliance-based terminals in favour of terminals based around specific airline requirements.

  • Changes to current restrictions on operations; the number of movements and minimum aircraft size

  • The option of developing another affiliate airport compared to continuous expansion

  • The airport’s future relative to the region’s tourism and the public’s perception of the current situation

Recommended TV Journalists to Interview the CEO

 Paul Colgan – Managing Editor of The Punch

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson – Technology reporter and blogger The Courier-Mail

Myfanwy Warhurst – ABC

John Bergin – Deputy Director of Digital News, Sky News Australia

Nate Cochrane – Editor in Chief of ITNews, former IT editor of the Age.

Miguel D Souza – AAP


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