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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking summary

Critical thinking is more related to questioning without fear and based on this, one aims at looking for different solutions to an issue and voicing the issues without reprisal. This really helps in people growing intellectually and thus they will be of benefit to the society they are living in and also to the nation. Though been educated and practicing good judgment does not seem to be a guarantee for economic success, virtue or happiness, but in a way to offer a better chance in regard to these things (Facione 2011). Critical thinking seems to be an important aspects in the society and based on these, the future tend to belong to those societies that will be able to organize themselves and learn, countries that need to attain high incomes and offer employment to people they need to implement policies that are aimed at the acquisition of knowledge as well as skills for all people. People who are termed as critical thinkers are fair minded when it comes to evaluation, trustful, flexible, well informed, prudent in making decisions and honest. In the long run, by educating strong thinkers in the society, a society is able to achieve a lot. The society is able to nurture and develop the above mentioned skills which will consistently yield a number of insights and based on these they can be used a basis of rational in a democratic society. Thus, critical thinking ought to be viewed as an aspect that is liberating and a powerful resource when it comes to both civic life and personal life (Facione 2011).


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