Automation is a contentious subject Essay Example

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One side of the controversy maintains that automation poses a great danger to the posterity of human beings. Those who hold this view opine that automation leads to massive job losses. Automation deprives humanity of the purpose and fulfilment that is realised through activity; the lack of which affects the life expectancy. They also contend that the human processes that are lost through automation cannot be reclaimed and society stands to lose priceless ideals.

The other side of the controversy maintains that automation does not endanger humanity. Rather, it has created many jobs. Automation has increased profitability and labour mobility. Increased productivity has led to low commodity prices thus increasing the disposable income. Automation frees humanity to invest in creativity and value-enhancement. Furthermore, people are looking for the human touch in many processes. This school of thought cautions against full automation.

On competition, policymakers encounter challenges as regards striking a balance between growing the economy through automation and upholding the economies of welfare. Automation is here to stay. In order to reap the benefits of automation, we need to make a number of adjustments regarding education, planning, and measurement of productivity and/or efficiency.

Question 1:

-Ideas expressed in academic culture are supported by evidence from either common occurrences or citations of literary works. Often it is not mandatory to tender the evidence while expressing personal ideas.

-The language used in expressing ideas in academic culture is formal and academic. On the other hand, the language used to express personal ideas is rather informal.

Question 2:

Key idea:

Automation can potentially render human beings obsolete.


-Loss of jobs

-Erosion of purpose and social fulfilment

-The loss of human processes due to automation is irreversible

Question 3:

After noticing the extent and the speed at which technological change was taking place, and its effect on employment in the coming times, the federal government’s report titled “Competitive Policy Review” partly started to concentrate on digital disruption resulting from modern technologies.