Write a simple synopsis/story for a 5minutes film



It is a tale of a man deeply and irrevocably in love, determined to elope with his beloved no matter what he may encounter.

A man may flee with the woman he has loved; that is the policy of Walter following the events that have unfolded in his relationship with Emily. On the evening of our tale, a father and a daughter are involved in a heated conversation. The father swears in the name of her mother that his daughter will not get married to a son of a peasant. The lips of Emily, the daughter in question, are parted but not in a smile as many would have anticipated. She says sternly to her father that she will marry the man of her choice.

It has now dawned on her father that the rebellious daughter would hear none of his advice. Moreover, she paid no attention to his reputation that he claimed was at stake. The father of our daughter is lamenting about the situation at hand. Emily retreats to her apartment and lets her tears flow freely as if it is tearing that can only heal the pain deep down inside her. She is patiently waiting for that fateful hour that Walter would come and elope with her, but woe unto them if they are caught on the run.

The troubled lovers, Walter and Emily, are to escape from the ranch before Emily is marshalled away to a place unknown. Walter is to sneak into his lover’s homestead when the night begins to fall and the people retiring to their homes. He is to make a sound similar to that of a male dove and Emily will surely know that he was waiting for her in the parking lot of her father’s.

In the early hours of the day, Emily has been thinking of her man, tall and wide shouldered, a man who could break an impish bull or calm the wildest horse in her father’s stables. When he smiled while clutching her hand, his face was so innocent and gentle. Many times she would place her head against the broad chest and look up into the skies while he played with her ears.

This evening Walter had come up to her father’s ranch, he stood outside in the parking lot near her apartment and made the peculiar sound of a male dove to her. Emily is excited more than words can describe. Because of the thought of leaving her family for good, there could be no tear at all nor any goodbyes in that case. She is running away with a man that his father, leave alone the brothers, would gladly kill. There was no sign of a person near her apartment and her when she peeped cautiously outside. The birds of the air were calling out for her to go out meet the love of his life. Walter made another sound impatiently, and Emily no longer hesitated. She made for the parking lot leaving all her possessions behind.

On seeing her, Walter’s arms circled his waist and swept her off her feet, together they made to his old car. At the same time, Emily’s father had realized that his daughter was missing, and he ordered for an immediate pursuit. In every distance the vehicle is covering, in it there is some sense of freedom. The two lovers are relentlessly pursued by the cunning workers of Emily’s father who is angered beyond simple imagination. At some point, Emily can be heard begging Walter to surrender and take her back home. But the determination of Walter makes her feel silly. Walter could be heard mumbling has he drove; he knew that if they made out of town, Emily could be his wife at last. The old car labored past the streets of the small town as if it knew the prize that stood ahead, it gave courage and strength for the two lovers. Emily could not help smiling knowing truly that she was his and Walter was meant for her.

The film will require a rural setting; a ranch is where most of the action will take place. There will be three principal actors as well as some minor characters that will ensure that the film is lively. The shot would require necessary props as well as vehicles. Medium, as well as close-up shots, will be employed. The close up shot is particularly ideal for emphasizing someone’s emotion. The eye level angle will be used, that is, the camera will be placed nearly six feet from the ground. There will be special lighting for each scene, depicting the different moods. Various basic methods of movement will be employed the main ones being, pans and tilts (Sikov, 2010).


Sikov, E. (2010). Film studies. New York: Columbia University Press.