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2Annotated Bibliography


The Conceptual Locus and Functionality of Key Supplier Management:

A Multi-Dyadic Qualitative Study’

Makkonen, H., & Olkkonen (2013). The conceptual locus and functionality of key supplier management: A multi-dyadic qualitative study. Industrial Marketing Management 42(2013), 189-201.

In this article, Makkonen & Olkkonen (2013) present a case that delves deep into the concept of key supplier management (KSM). Here, these two authors employ the use of an empirical case study – focussing on the rugged state of the KSM scenario whose origin is the variety of components of business interactions that are intertwined. Through this empirical case study, they reveal its contextual locus and functionality. According to Makkonen & Olkkonen (2013), the KSM system in the context of a multinational electricity-distribution company and its nine main suppliers basically serves as a platform upon which the goals of buyers and suppliers are met in establishing infrastructure. They conclude that it should be the buyer’s intention to smoothen the structural roadblocks that hinder the KSM system from relying on the suppliers. They also conclude that the service process should be enhanced through the technical guidance offered by the system.

Revolving around matters KSM, my study will benefit immensely from the insights of KSM discussed by Makkonen & Olkkonen (2013) in this article. In particular, their view on KSM as a link between formality and interactions that entail exchange parameters and coordination will be of utter significance to my study in which I will be advancing more on this idea. Unlike Makkonen & Olkkonen’s (2013) study, however, my research will entail scrutiny in different empirical environments.