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Change management


Change management is simply a structured transitional approach for taking the organization from its current status to a desired future status.

Change may involve employment of new technology, growth, and downsizing among similar practices

Change management ensures acceptance and commitment to the change process by all. Employing the right change management approach helps overcome negative effects that may come with the change and ensures that change succeeds and the organization reaps full benefits of the change. It enables the organization gain a competitive edge that result from change

Change process not properly managed results to such dangers as declining productivity, change resistance, lowering stakeholders’ morale and failure of the change project among other unintended effects.

Many factors trigger change within organizations including

  • Need to employ right technology as in CISCO in a bid to boost productivity and quality of goods and services

  • Changing customer needs hence need to satisfy the changed needs and create new opportunities for organizations’ revenue generation

  • Taking advantage of changing economy resulting in increased demand

  • Need to equip employees with new innovations and ideas aimed at changing the organization’s status quo and making it a market leader.

Organizational change will encounter resistance hence need for proper change management. Resistance arises from factors such as;

  • Poor communication among change stakeholders

  • Need to maintain status quo for personal gain by some stakeholders rather than for organizational good

  • Employees feeling excluded from the change process hence lack of trust among stakeholders

  • If change requires acquisition of new skills/technology. For instance, employees at times resist implementation of new technology that calls for acquisition of new skills.

Thus organizations in attempting to overcome the resistance should fast establish the cause of resistance. Communication among all stakeholders should be improved. The organization also ought to be candid about the challenges that the change process may entail. This will create confidence among stakeholders hence acceptance of change. The change process should be regularly monitored and necessary adjustments made to prevent resistance building along the way.


For organizations to remain relevant in today’s ever competitive market, they need to embrace change. However, the right change management strategies need to be employed if change is to succeed. This will help overcome resistance associated with change hence increasing change acceptance. All stakeholders should be involved in the change process while establishing proper communication to ensure the process succeeds. Implementing the right change management strategies has ensured successful change processes in organizations like CISCO hence ensuring they gain a competitive edge over their peers.