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Global Connections

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  1. Etihad Airways Business Model

global connections - Reem M

  1. Etihad Airways Unification Business Model

global connections - Reem M  1

  1. Leadership and technology capabilities

In the year 2015, ETIHAD Airways publicized a new intentional corporation with global technology forerunner, Adobe. The primary aim of this association was to promote a variety or superlative technological solutions across Etihad Airlines business and its associates (Hamill, 2015). Through the partnership, Etihad Airways have been able to achieve a superior digital service through the deployment of cloud-first initiative for its business and its visitants.

Adobe’s solution has enabled Etihad airlines to establish an excellent digital capability for its visitants by offering complete self-service experiences through digital procedures. It provides an accurately personalized product and service delivery, and superior accessibility for clients as they work together with Etihad Airlines and its services on their preferred device (Hamill, 2015). Consequently, Etihad Airlines takes advantage of visitant involvement, global reliability, freight, direct transactions, promotion, social media and other areas of their commerce.

In the world passenger symposium of 2016, Marquis (2016, p. 14) notes that three-quarters of the travelers using Etihad airlines book their tickets online using computers, smartphones, and tablets. Marquis, further stated that half of those who booked through online booked through The leadership of Etihad Airways is robust and innovative. For example, through good governance, Etihad was voted as the ATW (Airline of the year) an airline of 2016. Therefore, Etihad Airways is a digital master institution.

  1. A playbook for Etihad Airways to remain as a Digital Master

Etihad airlines can continue as a digital master by promoting the shareholder’s vision of making the airline more competitive. The corporation can achieve this through improving the far-fetched customer service, offer quality products at even more competitive prices and develop a system to get feedback from their clients. Etihad airlines can make their business plan more resilient to promote the commitment of the shareholders. Finally, Etihad airlines should focus their digital culture on real-time insights, products and services, open platforms, connected operations and transform to a digital carrier.


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