Workplace Social Media Policy Essay Example

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Workplace Social Media Policy

Workplace Social Media Policy

Today, I have spent a better part of my afternoon thinking about my right of expression. It has hit me hard that I cannot freely publish my thoughts on social media as well as make sure that do not contravene my organization’s social media policy. To me, censorship of employees on social media interferes with their freedom of self-expression, as they cannot speak their mind on issues of choice. Purpura (2013) acknowledges that some organizations may have social media policies that infringe on their employees’ rights. I can still recall two of my previous workmates who got warnings for publishing posts that were considered political in nature. The rest of us were reminded that our social media accounts were being monitored and any irresponsible posts would make us lose our jobs.

Nonetheless, I feel employers have every right to enforce social media policies in a bid to protect their images and that of their clients. For example, a post by an employee describing his bad relationship with other workers or bosses may affect the reputation of an organization and most likely trigger a public relations crisis (Khanlari 2015). Imagine what would result in a worker of a restaurant post on Facebook how he served a customer salad that had snails. Most likely, the post would go viral and make the restaurant lose its customers. Furthermore, we do not go around telling the public some of the challenges that we face at home which then makes sense that we should always mind what we post on our social media pages.

However, organizations ought to ensure that they do not completely prevent its employees from becoming active social media users as they stand to lose out a lot (Khanlari 2015). For instance, I admit that I often receive inboxes on matters relating to my company such as location of our office, and costs of our products. Still, some employees act as brand managers for their organizations on social media.


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