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Thesis statement

Thesis Statement

The report recommends that SBITS should consider embracing the concepts of cloud computing on a step by step basis because it will help them to meet their goal of ensuring that the customers can easily access the services of the company and their goal of cost reduction. However, it is also important for the organization to ensure that its business needs as well as the strategies are clearly defined in order to align it to the cloud computing concepts. The type of cloud computing model should also be well selected by SBITS in order to ensure that it can meet the aims and objectives of the organization. The issue of security and risk management should also be considered by the organization during the process for the purposes of ensuring that the customers can confidently use the system. The company should consider moving some of its applications to the cloud system in to guarantee a reduction in the cost of operations. Cloud computing will also plays an indispensable role to the organization in ensuring that the cost of putting in place an information technology infrastructure is reduced. It is also recommended that the organization ensures that cloud computing is used while putting into consideration the future needs of the company.