Small Businesses Ahead in Cultural Diversity Essay Example

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According to Goncalves (2017), the diverse workforce observed in Australian small businesses is mainly as a result of employers preferring to employ based on existing skills and the potential to deliver. When businesses genuinely recruit based on talents and merit, the end product will automatically be a diverse workforce. Homogeneous workplaces indicate that something is wrong and individuals are left out because of how they differ. Small businesses are very diverse in terms of gender, age, race, and multiculturalism with the highest cultural diversity among Victorian small businesses and Tasmania with the least (Goncalves, 2017). The majority of the organizations are diverse in terms of shareholders and customers; therefore, they should also increase diversity in their workforce. Diversity means different ways of thinking which can result in greater ideas and promote commercial appeal. Although diversity can bring about some challenges such as lack of a group think resulting in conflict, such challenges can be effectively mitigated by good managers. Cultural diversity creates a network of people who can communicate with customers who speak different languages.


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