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The work experience that I am going to discuss in the portfolio was at Kings Corner that is located in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. The primary focus was handling of the customers in the premises which were the area that specialization was needed. Website:, address: 32 Clarence Street, Gloucester GL11DP. Kings Corners deals with fast food such as Kebab, Pizza and other delicious meal to the customers. Clients order the meal either online or visiting the place to get quick services. If the customer placed an order the delivery is done from 7.00pm up to 2:00 am. There is a client phase number that all calls if they have an inquiry or order the cell digits are 01452500506.

The primary vision is to ensure that there is an improvement in the customer satisfaction (Jeong et al. 2016 p 131-140). From the rating of the many clients, there are not satisfied with the quality of the services that are offered. Some complained about the delay of the services and other the type of the food. Therefore that is one of the main areas that the management wants to strengthen and ensure that all customers are satisfied with the quality of the services that are provided (Torres et al. 2014 pp. 255-262). Another vision is the expansion of the business of new branches in other areas. The customer is the most valued person in the enterprise, and the focus is to ensure that they once they walk out they come back again. King corners depend on the sales made as a means of the funding and ensuring that they are grown. I was one of the workers at the premises, and they were no defined position that held. The primary goal was to learn the experiences of the hotel industry other than the one already knew. Hence I was working in all the departments to gain the experience of the field.

I was attached in the area for forty-five hours, and I had various responsibilities. One was dealing with the customers who visited the place. It involved interacting with the customers directly serving them the orders that they requested. Another one is handling the cashier, and it gives the insight of how it is like to be the person who is handling the finances. Opening and closing the restaurant during the working hours. Lastly is the cleaning of the restaurant after the completion of sales every day. All the operation that was taking place was directly involved with the handling of such things and in the next internship will be having experience in all the responsibilities that I undertook (Maertz et al. 2014 p. 123-142).

What happened before and during the work experience

Finding of the post at the king’s corner was hard to even with the help of the net. I contacted recruitment agent and explained the type of the job is looking for and afterward. Another one was visiting the jobs websites on the internet looking for a place that suitable to impact the skills that willing to acquire. The most helpful were the use of the recruitment agency where I went explained all the details and when I was expecting to resume the new responsibilities. Companies require someone to keep in touch with so that they can prove the level of the seriousness. I applied two weeks before the day I was expecting to arrive at the new exposure. Registration was done, and I gave out the areas that I was specialized. The following are the areas that before the internship I was conversant with that is event management and the hotel industry work.

After one week the agency communicated and hooked up with the Kings corner that was a hotel dealing with fast food. I paid a visit to the manager in charge of the enterprise and gave out the current CV that I was holding explain in details the areas I was experienced. The method that I used is direct approach after being recommended by the agency. I went through the interview process for a period two times until I was allowed to work there for the number of the hours that I specified. The number of occasions that I was willing to work was forty-five so as to have a great understanding of the experience there. The manager considered the fact of the hotel industry work that I was experienced in doing hired. Therefore it was through the help of the networking that job was secured (Ellison et al. 2015 pp. 103-123).

Securing of a job is not something easy due to the competitive nature of the market. Hence one must be unique in the process to ensure that success is attained even in the competitive job. The following are the unique way that was employed so as to emerge from the crowd and secure a job. One is convincing of the manager that am the right person for the job so as to be given a chance. After interview invitation ensured that the CV was updated and also I was aware of the services that restaurant offered. That was all because of the use of the internet that all the services provided by the Kings corner were familiar. Therefore a study was done to understand the operation conducted by the king corner. The favorite meal was pizza and the Kebab. Another is that orders can be made online and the owner main focus was customer’s satisfaction.

Another approach that issued was the looking for a hotel job place that was comfortable working. Having skills and experience on how to work in the hotel industry enquired for a job that involved the same skills, and therefore it was easy to work. The role was appropriate and thus made the difference because it was something that was out of the passion and involve the work the course work (Harvey 2014). The advantage of using the approach is the fact that time-saving by what was worth and also a job that was relevant. The proper use of the network was another factor that helped in the easier landing of the job, and to is connected. The LinkedIn group was one that was very helpful in the process of the identification of the job that was appropriate.

Working at the king corner was a very challenging experience due to the poor rating the clients gave to the place. One of the main is learning how to deal with people from a different background (Moran et al. 2014). All the customer who was coming were handled some were rude others were soft. The experience helped by making sure that I was able to handle all. Another is the enhancement of the communication skills due to the range of the people that I spoke to while in the service of the delivering the services (Hybels 2014). In other words, the main thing that I learned was to deal with the consumers and ensure that all of their desires were fulfilled. Mostly before engaging in the activities used to ask so as to given the guidance and also to make sure that was following the right steps. Before joining I did not have the exposure of dealing with people so many individuals and therefore it was one of the things that I acquired (Maertz et al. 2014 p. 123-142).

Another is how to exist with other workers who were working there. Employees were from different background and ethnicity and having been used to the life of university it was so much of asking so as to ensure that I was able to deal to co-exist with them. Therefore the virtue of existing with various people was instilled in the internship as during the period that I spent here I was able to achieve that. There is a particular skill that the manager was looking for and therefore in the exposure there installed, some of the included being flexible with all I was doing. Another one was always thinking what is best for the clients so as to promote business and make it achieve its dream. Also, I was able to acquire specialized skills by applying what was learned in class and what the management needed (Ferguson & Hasan 2013 pp. 233-256). Another is being used to the routine of the business and being one just like an insider.

Despite having a chance to exercise the skills acquired they were still some challenges that were encountered. One of the biggest problems was dealing with demanding customers who requested so much. For instance, a client comes in and finds there are three other who are ahead of him but still wants to be served as the first person. The challenge is that he is in the wrong but am not sure who to handle such an issue. The customer is in the presence, and the fact that I cannot turn to the manager for the help was a big challenge (Jones et al. 2016 pp. 36-37). Handling of such an issue was a big problem and how to solve the situation without offending any of the customers. Nature insists on following certain order but still cannot assume the stubborn clients. Others are demanding so much, and it is hard to deal.


After the forty-five hours in the placement, I developed self-reliance skills, whereby I discovered some of my strengths, how to organize myself and prioritize myself by rearranging my commitments so as to get the job done on time. I developed general skills that I can use in any situation and all sectors. For instance, in my flexibility, in problem-solving and also in my IT skills which come in handy in handling the cashier. The other skill I acquired is people’s skills whereby I can now be able to demonstrate interpersonal skills (Cheruvelil et al. 2014 pp. 31-38). I can now communicate effectively both in writing and in person, I can participate in team activities, and I can lead my colleagues when necessary. I gained specialist skills where I now understand my studies more given that have been able to experience most of what I studied.

The skills learned will help me to be more efficient on the next placement in areas such as proper handling of customers, efficient handling of the cashier, being flexible in preparing meals before and during restaurant in the opening of the restaurant and in cleaning after closure. To further develop these skills, I intend to look for a part-time job where I can gain more or better these already acquired skills. I also plan to volunteer in hotels and restaurants. During my free time, I intend to better my specialist skills by taking external courses in my area of specialization. It will help me to understand technical expertise. It will also help me get a better experience in the understanding of organizational structures and how the organization can survive commercially.


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Appendix A

The website of the Kings corner with the explanation of the services that are offered at the hotel industry. It is a fast food and striving at ensuring that customer satisfaction is granted.

Work portfolio

Appendix B

The skill that I acquired at the placement with the help of the employers

Work portfolio 1

Appendix C

The role that was played by the mentor in that the placement was successful

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