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Company Selection Assignment

As a leading information technology company by revenue, the company engages in design and manufacturing of mobile communication, personal computers and digital music players to serve millions of customers across the world. Apple company has been in the fore- front in developing high end devices by adopting cutting edge technologies to drive their value proposition across information technology industry. The information technology giant was founded in 1976 and currently has developed 9 products and 7 services which are offered in 378 outlets across the world by its 76,100 employees. The company has established business traits which will be discussed in the company analysis assessment.

First, over the years the company has developed the most popular brands across the world in the information technology industry. The company focuses more on developing products which are targeted to the high end users across all the segments in the market. Different products with different characteristics developed for various classes of people depending on their specific needs are always on offer.

Second, the company has mastered the art customer service and marketing of their products. This is a result of intensive investment in research and development to create high quality products which are offered at relatively cheap prices to the population. According to Christine Moorman (2012), the company was voted overall winner of the CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence. This success is attributed to the adoption of the best marketing practices for their products.

Third, the company has managed to create value in the highly competitive industry by taking a direction which is different from its major competitors in the industry, successfully creating a differentiated value proposition from those of competitors in terms of product offering.

Finally, Apple Company has notably emerged as a market leader in the information and technology industry by sustaining, a factor which maintained its outstanding performance in all markets. This has been made possible by the leadership and focusing on highly talented work force.


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