Women’s Movement and Feminism Essay Example

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3Women’s Movement and Feminism

The topics covered in the course have depicted the core values and goals that women also played important roles in the shaping of development of the United States since the civil war period and that with time more changes are to be experienced in the country. Thus, the need for women to be treated as equals rather than inferior to their male counter parts in matters related to voting, joining the military, working alongside men and gaining financial freedom from their husbands, brothers and fathers. The women played an essential role in that they catered for the families and took up jobs when the men were sent off to war and thus were important drivers of the country’s economy then (Greenwood, Seshadri & Yorukoglu, 2005). This shows that women should note the sidelined and as they were fundamental to the social, political, cultural, and economic forces that shaped the development of the United States since the Civil War period.

I do believe the United States have achieved these goals to so extent and adequate measures are been put in place to ensure that the goals are fully achieved. For instance, in terms of voting it is one’s personal will to vote irrespective of their gender and some of them have been finically liberated and can work and make their own decision on how to spend the money earned. At the same time the number of women joining the military and taking up jobs seems to be one the rise and it may even surpass men in the coming years and they can also take up better jobs and not experience salary inequity when performing similar jobs with men (Messer-Davidow, 2002).


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