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Wills & the Administration of Estates — Tutorial 4 Essay Example

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Will of Mr. Kevin J.B

Tutorial Question for Week 04

Draft a will for Mr Kevin John Baker. He is a retired bank manager who lives with Hetty, his wife at 60 Hall Street, Ocean Grove.

This is the last testament and will of myself Kevin John Baker currently staying at 60 Hall Street, Ocean Grove with my wife Hetty

  1. All the wills that I might have made previously contrary to this are hereby forfeited and declared null and void.

  2. I appoint my son John Baker and daughter Ann Ivanovic to take care of my estate and therefore refer to them as my executors.

  3. I direct my executors

  1. To use the powers vested to them by me in the realization of my estate to invest the proceeds of my life policy worth $ 60000 and cash deposit of $ 30000 for payment of rates, insurance and taxes on my property

  2. To give residue of my of my estate to my wife Hetty

  3. To transfer my property estate to my son John and daughter Ann in the equal measures after the death of my wife Hetty

  4. To direct my stamp collections to my grand children who are four in number jane sarah from my son John and herold , Richard and Thomas both from my daughter Ann. Since both of them have not attained the age of 18, I direct that my executers to make any advances to them through their parents or gurdain or anyone standing in loco parentis to them shall be my executors sufficient discharge.

  1. If by chance someone becomes entitled to any share in my property when still a minor, the share of a person of that sort whom in this case shall be my grandchildren. Held and taken care of by executors and the benefits of such persons be used strictly for their benefits and direction of the same be done to them until they attain the major of receiving such kind of properties. Any use contrary to this wish for my grand children be considered to be null and void and therefore not executor.

I hereby put my name to my Last testament and will which has been written on this two page document on this 4th day of May 2014.


by the said Testator, Mr Kevin John Baker)

as and for his last Will and Testament, )

in the presence of us, both present at )

the same time, who at his request, in his ) ___________________________

presence and in the presence of ) John and Ann

each other, have subscribed our )

names as witnesses. )

_________________________ _______________________________

__________________________ ________________________________