Why People Buy SWISSE Vitamins over Other Brands Essay Example

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Why People Buy SWISSE Vitamins over Other Brands


This study seeks to examine why people buy Swisse Vitamins over other brands. The study emanates from the backdrop that although marketers in many companies adopt models and approaches to improve their brands, nevertheless, a current challenge is that the buyers continue to purchase certain brands over and over again. There is a need to investigate why such situations emerge. Through the case of Swisse Vitamins, the research will investigate why consumers are inclined to purchase a certain product over other brands. The methodology of the study will involve conducting a market survey whereby interview sessions will be given to consumers. The data collected with then be analyzed and a report written in order to provide a comprehensive summary of the findings. The study will also use secondary sources of data such as company reports, journals, and documents on the topic.


Understanding consumer behavior remains to be the most difficult task for marketers. Many companies try to influence consumer behaviour in favor of their products and brands. As a result, marketers collect huge amount of sophisticated analysis and information about consumers. In addition, they develop processes and models for many years in order to capture the collective experience of the customers. The key objective of the models is to guide their multi- million investments in innovation, product development, research and communication. Nevertheless, despite such initiatives by marketers, the reasons consumers purchase a certain brand as opposed to others is still a mystery. Or else, the rate of failure of new products would not be reported to be 80-90% and the budgets on advertising would be totally effective and efficient (Barden, 2013).

Various studies have been conducted to examine the reasons why consumers tend to purchase a certain brand over others. Most studies have focused on examining the impact of consumer behavior and branding strategies on brand selection. A study conducted by Chi et al (2009) on the impact of brand awareness on consumer buying intention disclosed that when brand awareness is high, the loyalty of the consumers towards the brand increases. Another study conducted by Chua et al (2013) to examine why people buy hybrid cars disclosed that consumers perceived performance, environmental conservation and quality as significant elements of choice. Achmad (2014) on the other hand, argued that brand image is a vital component in influencing consumer purchase behavior.

Companies have integrated most elements that influence consumers to purchase a certain brand such as a strong image, creating more awareness, high performance, good quality and many others. However, a key challenge for marketers is to determine why people continue to purchase a certain brand over others. This research, therefore, seeks to examine why people buy Swisse Vitamins over other brands.


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