Why do you disagree? Essay Example

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AOR model

The paper disagrees with the application of the model in the case forums.

1st forum

The model is opposed in this forum because it ruins the reputation that is built for an extended period. For instance, taking action then observation destroys the reputation. Colin will be cut off from the team in case he protests against the national anthem. It also affects the morale of the players, and they will not concentrate on the games by putting more effort when playing because their loyalty is affected. The model is not fit to be applied in this situation because taking action fast makes a situation worse as well as poor observation and reflection will not stabilize the morale of the players. In this context, it affects the entire performance of the team, and that is why the disagreement with the AOR model.

2nd forum

In this forum, the disagreement is about the application of the model. The main point is that Derek made a decision that affected the observation and teamwork of the other players. Instead, the player should have first observed and contemplated on the effects of taking the action. It is important because making a decision means that it will be hard to reverse it. Clear evidence is that it affected the soul of the team considering that he was the best player and a captain. In this situation, reflection is not helping anything because damage to the team is already done. In this regard, the AOR model is not appropriate in this context because it causes damage that is hard to reverse.

In conclusion, the application of the AOR model is not useful in all situations because it makes the situation worse that will be difficult to correct.

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