Why Can Blood Evidence Be So Challenging? Essay Example

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16th November, 2016.

Why can blood evidence be so challenging?

The evidence provided by the defense explaining the Simpsons blood in the Bronco and his residence is implausible. It is highly unlikely that the small inconspicuous cut from Simpson’s finger would have bled leaving blood on his bronco and his residence. That raises suspicions and to some extent substantiates the prosecutions argument that the accused may have cut his hand while murdering the victim living a blood trail in his car. It is however possible that the blood found on the Broncos, carpet was unintentionally transferred by the detectives who were earlier standing on a pool of the victims blood (Thompson). This mishap would have been avoided had the detectives worn the appropriate gear on each crime scene.

The incredibility of the swatches was the sole responsibility of the LAPD criminalists’ carelessness. Leaving the plastic bags containing the swatches in a hot truck evidently compromised and degraded the DNA from the blood samples (Thompson). To avoid this, the collected samples should have been transferred to the laboratories for processing immediately. Additionally, upon spilling Simpson’s blood on the evidence room, LAPD Criminalist Collin Yamauchi should have cleaned the area and changed gloves any other evidentiary before handling samples to avoid cross contamination.

The DNA evidence on Simpson’s sock and back gate are clearly planted and fabricated. As per the defense experts report, the blood stain would have left a wet transfer on the opposite inner wall of the sock had the sock been worn as the prosecution argued (Thompson). Consequently, due to exposure and environmental contamination on the blood found on the back gate for three weeks, degradation of the DNA collected is obvious. The high concentration DNA presented by the prosecution account is therefore a clear indication of fabrication.

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