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Why are governments and businesses crucially important to a globalised society?

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Why are governments and businesses crucially important to a globalized society?

Executive Summary

The city of New York saw the UN member states meet to discuss the previously agreed structure of 2030 considering sustainable development. The purpose was adopting or rather developing documents that outlined the best ways to handle some of the trivial issues in the global future. Development goals are crucial in understanding some of the development goals that were established in the new millennium. The purpose of this essay is developing credible research discussing the reasons why governments and businesses are crucially relevant to a globalized society. In the summit that happened in the year, 2015 saw an agreement seeing nations have governments and businesses work together leading to a globalized society. The new goals as of 2015 were to encourage the global transition that promoted greater sustainability.

Why are governments and businesses crucially relevant to a globalized society?


A globalized society is critical in the modern society especially when it comes to achieving a centralized government that promotes healthy activities. There is the ever growing concern regarding the reasons why governments and businesses need to work together to ensure success locally and internationally. This research will focus on some of the reasons why governments and industry can cooperate to ensure success aforementioned above. The purpose of this study is detailing some of the important aspects of a globalized society vis-à-vis governments working together with business. The study seeks to describe some of the pros and cons surrounding politics and the society working together. The essence of having governments and business work together will also be discussed here hence the outline surrounding pros and cons of government involvement with businesses is crucial to this research. Should there also be limitations, it is critical to learning about them and adopt the best strategies regarding the concept. Through citing of the relevant academic literature, it is vital to have a review of the best strategies to ensure governments and businesses work together for the benefit of the society. However the position was taken, the primary goal should be the good of the community. The research will debate on some of the advantages and disadvantages surrounding governments and businesses surrounding a global community.

Research Questions

  1. What are some of the interventions that governments have been involved in pending the resources available in a globalized society?

  2. How does a globalized society determine the kind of actions that are relevant to the needs of the community?

  3. How do government officials make sure that the community benefits from their actions?

Government interventions for a long time have profoundly influenced some of the major activities surrounding a globalized society. Government measures have been associated with the concept of human rights. What this means is that there needs to be an emphasis on the importance of following human rights. The essence of human rights is crucial in the development of a globalized society. The study is associated with the heart of the human rights report (Baylis, Smith, and Owens, 2013). The US has released reports that are related to universal standards and governments in most globalized societies emphasize the importance of following human rights. Apparently, several standards are set as military standards and have been adopted and accepted by most nations of the world. In the meeting that happened in the US, the countries have agreed not to violate the standards whether local or international. The essence of respecting human rights is crucial in making sure it is not just a moral action but a moral obligation as well. Governments conducting activities with businesses is important as an opportunity to harness the powers that lead to a prosperous society. Unfortunately, some countries have led to their businesses not experiencing the full benefits of freedom especially in the economies that seek to innovate, grow and diversify. Savings are essential in making sure that countries need to expand some of the important aspects surrounding the community. To build a cohesive and prosperous society, it is crucial to understand some of the repulsive acts that may lead to an independent civil society group (Bennett, 2011). The essence of having an independent civil society is relevant to the different people exercising their various forms of expressions regarding the various activities that promote sustainability. The report that occurred in New York is crucial to understanding some of the communities that are particularly active in activities that encourage their sustainability. The study also focused on the different institutions that follow the constitutions surrounding the two regional countries like Cuba and Venezuela. The report also led to the government being re-arrested about the political state of the different countries. Through the interference from the government, there is the essence that it points to the global governance crisis. The intervention is crucial to the survival of the communities in question hence lead to a better understanding of the crisis. Apparently, there is the need to have an accelerated trend that occurs in the state and non-state affairs hence rarely lead to societies solving their problems (Lacey, 2011). The essence of having an institution that is concerned with the interests of the community is dealing with the marginalization of the different communities. The most influential part of the society is crucial in understanding some of the fundamental freedoms that are supportive the human right defenders. The community sees different people exercise violent and nonviolent behaviours as a way of understanding exactly the requirement of the globalized society.

Government involvement in business activities leads to the strengthening of the different elements of the democratic institutions that supports the community. There are several doctrines that hardly affect the major structure of the society (Linders, 2012). The leaders of the proposed community is crucial as it helps the government understand the activities necessary for the globalized community achieve. Each jurisdiction is relevant to the community leaders being offered the best services about a political process. For example, there is the essence or rather the concept of corruption slowly affecting the continuous development of the society. Such is in direct violation of some of the fundamental rights that affect humanity. Some of those basic human rights include the substandard detention techniques like corruption, discrimination, and violence. It is impromptu that the human rights be protected about the perception of the different communities. The government has incorporated the essence from NGOs and media sources that tend to report on the various vices that affect humanity (Lux et al., 2011). There is also the concept surrounding the different cases that document the affiliations of different communities. The government has attempted to remove and abolish the different and dangerous vices surrounding the different communities.

Most governments in several countries tend to establish rules and regulations that are meant to be a guide for most businesses. It should, however, be noted that companies tend to change the way they operate about the rules and regulations established. The government will introduce their government policies affect the market rules should there be no influence on the competitiveness and profitability of the different businesses. However, business owners must comply with the regulations established regardless of the rules being set by federal, local or state governments. As such, there are different effects of public policy and governments are requested to comply with the rules above set. It is also relevant to have an understanding of the various government policies that affect the businesses.

Systems acting on Market Catalyst

Time has seen the different policies relating to market catalysts affect the different organizations making sure they achieve profits. On the other hand, it is crucial to understand the various market incentives that influence the different business environment (Mowforth and Munt, 2015). There is also the need to have a policy that affects the taxes affecting the losses of the various companies. Fees are described as the main hindrance to the profits affecting the various businesses. For example, there are various options relevant to the losses affecting the different markets.

Also, there is the ever-present concept that tends to underwrite the various development of the various technologies (Sachs, 2012). Utilizing the various modern technologies is crucial in understanding the various changes that occur as a result. Tax and duty are the main exemptions that are a trigger investment meant to generate growth. For example, there should not be a high tax rate on the different imported goods. Whether a company produces goods for local or international use, the issue of high tax is crucial to minimizing the risks that a business may incur. The influence of the government is important as it helps levy taxes on the various local goods mainly raw materials production.

Government policy on political stability

It is no secret that having a stable political career is crucial to the success of business. Government policies that are crafted in the politically stable nation are deemed to be successful. A stable political system is essential to achieving the success of the various business (Scherer and Palazzo, 2011). As such, bring about success in the business world will often result from business policies being formed in a nation where there are law and order. On the other hand, an unstable political background will often lead to the different activities being jeopardized since there will not be public order. As such, the instability will set back the business environment.

Government Policies on Interest Rates

Government rates are hugely affected by the risk of borrowing in the business community. Also, there is the aspect of a business experiencing high levels that affect consumer spending. Furthermore, having lower rates is crucial to increase production (Swinburn et al., 2011). The different businesses seek to have lower bank rates to (or «intending to») understanding the inflation process where businesses do not thrive well. On the other hand, it is crucial to comprehend the various regulations that affect the different business. Some companies tend to spend a lot of money due to the high tax rates that tend to destroy the foundation of business.

The influence of the government in the markets

Early in the nineteenth century, it is essential to note that very few people identified the government as a key player in the markets. However, recent times have seen many people doubt the statement where they seem to recognize as one of the biggest influencers of the market where there are always unexpected consequences about positive and negative influences (Selznick, 2011). One of the ways that the government changes the market is through the monetary policy where the printing press is a primary motivator of the markets. The essence of having a monetary policy is making sure that there are regulations that manage the market.

Monetary policy is considered by far, the most important and influential aspect that tends to affect the markets. Having a monetary policy is crucial in understanding the different taxes that are levied on the different markets affecting their income (Gillespie et al., 2013). Through the monetary policy, they can issue favorable taxes relevant to the government bonds. Bonds are the primary determinants of the amount of taxes that are to be levied by the government. There are existing rules that are a consequent of the different laws that govern a country. The body that is responsible for issuing monetary policies is the municipal council.

The influence on currency inflation

It should be noted that governments are the only legal entity that can legally create several respective currencies that are a reflection of the several public policies regarding money. The essence of having currency inflation control is due to the short-term economic boosts as companies often charge huge amounts of levy taxes. However, bonds tend to regulate the amount of taxes on the different markets hence able to control the currency inflation mainly by the investors (Wettstein, 2012). Markets are particularly affected by the inflated money currencies, and they rely on the government bonds to control the inflation.

Some investors count on the effects of the inflated cash currencies hence hardly depend on the government bonds. Corporate profits are essential in making sure that there are long-term impacts of the corporate savings. Economic conditions heavily influence the conditions that are not a reflection of the effects of issuing government bonds. The problem of the impact rates is crucial to making sure they borrow up with be relevant to banking the bonds about their debts. Understanding the currency bonds is essential to understanding how savings are part of controlling currencies and controlling inflation.

The issue of government bonds is interested in the rates that will offer profits and not losses often relevant to the government bonds. The essence of having interest rates is crucial to allow states drop the interest rates. Having a federal reserve is critical to having inflation controls is essential to understanding why the government has a huge influence on the taxes. The process of capping the interest rates is known as the Fiscal Policy. Some developers tend to borrow more cash either for their business or otherwise. On the other hand, there is the effort by the government to control the financial crisis. Avoiding the financial crisis is crucial in ensuring businesses thrive hence leading to the emergence of globalized societies. Such ensures that massive amounts of capitals are not wasted, and savings are realized.

Government policies on subsidies and Tariffs

The essence of grants and tariffs are essentially the same thing that a taxpayer experiences. Considering the nature of having subsidies and tariffs, it is essential to have the government taxes need to the chosen industry. Taxes are necessary for the application especially considering the taxes. Taxes are the key elements that allow domestic suppliers to show the authenticity of the direct impact on the market. As such, understanding the market is crucial to allowing controllable tax levies and control the market. Having the essence of government support, they know that market. Market situations tend to fluctuate depending on the conditions set locally and internationally.

Some researchers tend to agree that depending on the particular treatment set; it is essential to have capital and resources that are comparative to the government support. It is very critical to have a comparative advantage that is relevant to the government assistance offered. Having an effect on the profound effect on the nature of the market is crucial, and market leaders are charged with the responsibility to understand the market. As such, most market situations have the requirement of learning the basics of tariffs and trade barriers.

Another aspect that is crucial while understanding market conditions is the concept of regulations and corporate tax. Regulations and corporate tax are essential, and company corporates are advised to follow the trend about safety regulations. There should not be any charges set especially considering high taxes and their capping fees hence lowering the profits. There is the tendency to witness the huge companies achieve a competitive advantage over other businesses. CEOs of major companies have understood that making benefits is an effort of both the government and the companies as well. Understanding what exactly is essential is a job for the CEOs. As such, the other companies are at a disadvantage should they lack the needed materials. The lack of knowledge also leads to the organizations paying a higher tax hence find themselves at a disadvantage since they cannot attract any investors. However, it should be noted that government is the biggest investor in most businesses, and they are urged to be among the initial innovators seeking help.


Global society is as a result of having the interventions among governments and businesses. Business leaders need to understand the reasons why there are globalized societies is the result of government interference as well as environmental factors. The essence of having external environmental factors is a result of people being affected by such factors. Understanding environmental factors are crucial as it helps to take better decisions relevant to the progress of the organizations. The city of New York saw the UN member states meet to discuss the previously agreed structure of 2030 considering sustainable development. The purpose was adopting or rather developing documents that outlined the best ways to handle some of the trivial issues in the global future. Development goals are crucial in understanding some of the development goals that were established in the new millennium. The primary factors that the globalized villages face include pest, economic and social factors. As the article has seen, the political factors are the major sections that affect the global communities. All firms need to follow the law, and managers need to find other legislators that influence the activities. The political environment is known to impact the business organizations where the risk factors need to be understood since they lead to significant losses. The research also shows that changes in the government policies are essentials in making of the global villages. It should be noted that government interventions tend to heavily influence global societies.


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