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Green House Effect

Green house gas emission problem has a point of raising concerns as far as global warming and climate change is discussed. Hoffman (2007), Carbon trading and tax are some of the methods that are employed in dealing with green house gas problem that is proving to be the greatest challenge that faces the healthy survival of the human race.

In carbon trading a country’s right of emission is authorized through buying of quota right of another country that has produced a surplus by retaining its emission less as compared to the quota. Each country has been given emission quota every year that is fixed. In the long run no country is allowed to emit more than the total quota held relating to its purchases and sales. According to OECD, (2002) Carbon trading makes sure that the emissions globally do not go beyond the total number of quotas assigned to all the countries.

If the emissions in a particular country are less than the quota assigned for any given year, consequently it is allowed to sell out the quota assigned in the same year at prevailing prices in the world market. In the same way the quota could go beyond the allocated amount in a given year it tops up the remainder by buying them in the sane year at prevailing prices in the world market (Bayon, 2009). This method also applies to individual companies within the given country. In case of taxes they are imposed to individual industries to curtail them from excess carbon emission. However, the methods can be abused due to unscrupulous nature of companies and countries. There is money changing hands and some rule concerning taxes and carbon trading can be glossed over leading to more climate change as a result of global warming.


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