What is science? Essay Example

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What is science?

Based on who the question of what is science is directed to, the answer may vary. To some people it means voluminous textbooks, to others it means microscopes and white lab coats, launching of shuttles, astronomers using telescopes to name but a few. While the elicited examples indeed have components of science in them, they do not provide comprehensive purport of science since science is multivariate in nature. For complete insights of science, it is critical to understand the various facets of science.

First, science represents a process and body of knowledge because while scientific study involves a collection of static and isolated facts, the discovery process that attempts to connect the different facts is also scientific. Therefore, it is both a body of knowledge as well as a process. Second, science is an intriguing study. This is because scientific study and investigations revolves around detecting what exist in the universe, how they those entities relate, how they existed in the past and how they exist presently. The prospect of discovering something for the first time is the motivation for scientists.

Another aspect that describes science is its usefulness. Scientific knowledge is reliable and powerful. Consequently it can be applied for the development of novel technologies, treating diseases and addressing other issues that affect societies. Lastly science is both ongoing and international human endeavor. These elements define science since the knowledge of science maintains expanding and refining our knowledge with regards to the universe and this generate fresh questions for future considerations and investigations. It is an international endeavor given that people from all over the world participate in scientific processes in different ways.