What I Have Learned About Quantitative Methodology Essay Example

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What I Have Learned About Quantitative Methodology

What I Have Learned About Quantitative Methodology

The group used both qualitative and quantitative methodology to conduct the research. The two methods offered a wide choice that ensured that the research became successful in providing the required information. In the quantitative approach, I discovered that the methodology uses statistics that provide precise figures in every particular section of the research. For example, I learnt that the use of quantitative research makes it possible to know the number of students who chose the university due to a particular reason. For example, our research found out that forty percent of the students who enrolled at the UC got the information about the institution through the internet while thirty percent received the information in school.

The methodology also allowed us to draw conclusions based on the data acquired from the research. We realized that there were a large number of students who relied on internet services to acquire knowledge. Hence, we concluded that internet service offers a greater platform for international and local students who join the institution. The use of quantitative methodology has also enabled me to know that the variance of the estimation becomes large when researchers use small sample size. When we chose to use thirty students randomly selected, I realized that the processing of data was easier and it was possible to easily draw a conclusion.

Significantly, the regression model enabled us to compare how the enrolment at the institution depends on several factors such as the reputation of the university, the facilities and quality of education among other factors. As aforementioned, we discovered that there were a large percentage of students who depended on internet information to become convinced that UC was the best place for them. I learnt that the comparative analysis with the use of factual details enables researcher to become accurate I their work and to become authentic. Hence, the quantitative research instilled in me a positive and keen perception towards factual details such as numbers.

At the same time, I also learnt the value of using interviews and focus group in a research. The focus group enabled us to remain concentrated on particular category of students and number. For example, we made research efficient when we agreed to focus on the first thirty first and second years. We settled on the two groups because we believed that they still have memories on the reasons why they joined the institution. Our decision saved time and enabled us to collect data that we could comfortably handle for interpretation and analysis. At the same time, since the selection was random, we accomplished the mission in time. The interviews allowed us to engage students in an in-depth understanding on their motivations for enrolling at UC.

On the other hand, the qualitative approach that we used enabled us to give assumptions based on the premise that the events projected reality. The approach gave a wider perspective of the issue by allowing the researchers to fill some gaps that the quantitative method had created. For example, it allowed us to conduct some informal interviews and use the data to draw our conclusions concerning the subject under study. Te interviews gave additional information regarding the reasons why UC was the best institution to many students. Since it was also our objective to make recommendations to the university concerning ways of attracting international students, the approach allowed us to interview some nationals from other countries whose responses became additional to our research. The qualitative research also became crucial because it allows the respondents to give their feelings which the quantitative method does not accept.

The combination of the qualitative and quantitative approaches enriched the research and made it conclusive. Our ability to combine both methods boosted the authenticity of the research and made it easily acceptable by the university. In essence, we eliminated bias when we used the two approaches. Research indicates that both methods are crucial in any research and we felt that the use of both would become resourceful to the institution. From the perspective that we took, I learnt that there is a way of enriching the quality of research by utilizing the two approaches without creating any conflict of interests.

Why I did the project

My involvement in the research was motivated by the fact there was the use of qualitative and quantitative methods of research. I had learnt the latter method and applied but the former method was still new to me. The research became an opportunity for means to learn about the research. I also aimed at increasing the knowledge on research so that I can use it in future investigations. In addition, I was part of the members who drafted the questionnaires and reached a conclusion on the focus group to use in the research. It then follows that I had some space in the research team. The topic of the research also was attracted to me considering that I was able to predict some of the reasons that the respondents were likely to give. Therefore, the research was partly an adventure for me as a well as a way of enriching my research skills.