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Cultural Phenomenon

A cultural phenomenon is also described as bandwagon effect and happens when some individual behave in a certain way merely because other people do the same. Some activities like sending flowers during Valentine’s Day can be described as a cultural phenomenon. Cultural phenomenon is where the uptake of ideas, beliefs, trends and fads increases the more other people have already adopted them (Sadhu, 2012). As more people believe in some, others get onto the bandwagon despite any underlying evidence. The late king of pop Michael Jackson inspired a cultural phenomenon. His dance moves moonwalk became very popular in the world after Michael Jackson used the dance move when performing some of his songs in March 1983. The launch of his album thriller changed the world. The record sold better than any solo performer and the singer broke into racially segregated programming policies of many television and radio stations (Pagett, 2008). A program director at New York radio station Charlie Kendall described Jackson as mass culture. Michael Jackson appealed to all ages and every kind of pop listener. Michael Jackson songs cut across all races and classes. Both white and black listeners listened to his songs on rock radio stations. One reason Michael Jackson’s videos were so popular is his tautly controlled dancing. His form of style, dancing and dressing became a cultural phenomenon where many young people imitated what he did across the world (Pagett, 2008). Michael influenced pop culture in the world. His songs and lifestyle had an influence across all races across the world.


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