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A Brief History of the Western Freeway Victoria

The construction of the Western freeway Victoria was inaugurated in the year 1994. The project begun with the erection of the Ballarat Bypass. The objective of the project was influenced by the need to transfer the exercise traffic that was experienced at Ballarat road (Rands, 2016).

The newly constructed Ballarat Bypass was unlocked to allow traffic in the year 1997. The opening facilitated the conversion of NH8 to NH-A8 / NH-M8 (Rands, 2016).

Later, the construction of the Western Highway begun in August 2006. The project involved an interchange of the Deer Park Bypass at Caroline Springs (Rands, 2016).

There was need to remove 20 intersections, as a result, during the initial months of the year 2007, the construction of the Deer Park Bypass begun. The bypass was a stretch of 9.3 km, from the Western Ring Road to the Western Highway at Caroline Springs (Rands, 2016)

The Leakes Road interchange was later built in August 2007. Far ahead in the month of December, traffic was transferred to the newly developed Western Highway (Rands, 2016).

The extension of the Western Highway has been an ongoing project since the year 2007. As the key transport corridor that connects Adelaide and Melbourne, various plans have been initiated to ascertain that it is fully upgraded. Some of the developments include:

  • The replication of the Ballarat to Burrumbeet road which was implemented in the year 2015 thus eradicating traffic in the area.

  • The upgrade and duplication of the highway between¬†Ballarat and Stawell which is still in progress.

  • And the proposal of Ararat to Stawell and that of Buangor to Ararat

Figure 1.0 The Historical Upgrading And Duplication Of The Western Highway

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