Welcome to the House of Fun: Work Space and Social Identity Essay Example

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31.1 (2010): 150-172.Economic and Industrial DemocracyBaldry, Chris, and Jerry Hallier. «Welcome to the house of fun: Work space and social identity.» 1

2 This discussion argues on the importance and outcomes of ‘fun’ workplaces for employees and how they further promote social identity and maintenance. Specifically, office and the customer service centre are the main focus areas for the discussion.

3 In exploration of critical data, the discussion methodology is based on a research of Anglo-American societal context. The literature review is gathered from US and UK examples from interior office data. Precisely, from the article it is evident that the authors have continuously reviewed the work of others in their writing. Their methodology involved exploring both recent and older researches on workplaces and work environment design.

The future trend on workplaces will emphasize on ideas generation and not primarily on physical goods. This will shape the workplaces to be more similar to a home where there will be limited formal furniture as traditional workplaces but home sofas, TV and other facilities.where teamwork is emphasized, managers work together in an open room for efficient coordination.Buildings and their furnishing, space allocation or layout may implicate various notions like hierarchy, visual privacy, and status variations shape the culture of workplaces. This might be guided by institutional or jurisdictional policies such as the UK and US literal work environment. A workplace environment may adopt either hard or soft human resource management. Workspace reveals how a certain culture and organization climate is supported. For instance, where an organization lays more emphasis on power distance, there are distinct workspaces between different managerial levels and administration. On the other hand, 4

There is high possibility of working for long hours even through problematic ideas and activities as there is a balance between life issues and career expectations. Precisely, fun workplace will form a holistic life experience where there will be less competing desires as a worker have wholesome experience that is needed.People morale is lifted in such conditions as they realize the value in walking around, talking freely, sharing ideas to work creatively for clients and the organization. century. In US large corporations have started to adopt fun workplaces for the retention of workers, maintaining employee commitment and controlling behavior. This is being created through telephone conversation and conversation with customers as a new dimension of approaching work, no matter its negative effects, as a jovial activity. Fun workplaces will consequently create new ideas through the resulting socializing and collaboration. stDespite the emotional experience with a job, it is possible to create fun. This has been the current trend and will dominate in 21

. emphasizing on critical comparisons of the past, current and future workplacesThe article is logical, analytical with critical examples that makes it elaborate and easy to understand while 5

As of regard to above article, it should offer an approach of developing theoretical models in regard to quality of working life, to further clarify the association between working environment design and work performance. In addition, more qualitative and quantitative methodologies and involving of control groups in the investigation is vital for reliable generalization of findings.6