Weekly Blogs, reading for week 2.Unit name: Creativity Essay Example

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Reading for Week 2

Management Assessment

Management Assessment

Creativity is construction of fresh ideas or restructuring of already found elements into new structures, generating solutions that are valuables to a given challenge. The main goal of creative ideas is to awaken curiosity and shift away from conventional, rational and formalized actions and depend on the power of imagination to come up with multiple and alternative solutions. Creativity is not only meant for people with innate quality, it could be learnt and developed after constant practicing with the use of result oriented technique, this can enable someone move from his normal mode of problem-solving and adapt a wide line of alternatives that can improve quality of work hence increase productivity.

According to Sefertzi (2000), when creativity is applied in organizations, several results can be achieved in an organization such as flexibility, high performance, increased productivity and constant increment in quality in quality of product and services. In order to implement creativity procedures in team works, it will; need the help of external consultants who have expertise in creative techniques. They will assist in presenting the available techniques stimulate, generate and evaluate the ideas before implementing them.

Creative techniques could be applied in all functional units of any organization. Such units include; strategic planning, product development, functional strategy, human resource, marketing, product design, quality management and software design.

Creativity implementation costs are mostly training costs, external consultant fee and the costs of software packages. In the process of implementing creative ideas, several techniques are used, such as brain storming in work groups, story boarding, lotus blossom, checklists, morphological analysis, mapping process and excursion techniques, other techniques are computer based such as; idea processing software, spatial representation tools, visualization and visualized graphical systems.


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