Weekly Blogs, reading for week 1.Unit name: Creativity Essay Example

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Weekly Blog: Creativity

Management Assessment

Creativity can be described as an outcome that is achieved when one faces work challenges. Individuals in bureaucratic organizations are likely to be negatively affected as far as their levels of creativity are concerned. Bureaucratic organisations are basically centered and formalised organisations.

The constraints individual’s expressions that is creative. Employees are tensed by bureaucratic formalizations because of the order that is to be followed in its operations. In contrast, creativity is boosted when there are minimum formalisations. Any organisation can grow highly if the creativity of employees is incorporated in the operations. Organisational procedures are meant to impose efficiency, control and order in the operations of the organisation. Hence in such bureaucratic units, factors that could help boost creativity among employees should be sought out. Basing on individual differences on goal oriented behaviour; an individual will tackle a given challenging situation basing on his level of creativity. The employee will be motivated by the level of his or her achievement on the task.

According to (Giles et al 2011) the theory of achievement motivation puts it that goal orientations motivates an individual and captures the individual’s attention and efforts while approaching ,responding and interpreting situations of achievement. Individual goal orientation can be learning or prove orientation. Both these two orientations determine individual’s creativity. Learning goal orientation bases on fostering intrinsic interest in a given task while prove orientation motivates the individual to obtain fair judgement from others; it makes employees to be more creative to out show their competencies.

Creativity of an individual could be realised in a team work. In bureaucratic practises, learning goal oriented individuals could be realized in a team work context. In that case learning goal oriented individual would be constrained. Creativity in a centralised and formalised organisation would be suppressed by the extent to which leaders in those teams make decisions independently and control the employees. They are characterised by procedural steps and rules that limit the individual’s behaviour choice. In that case, decentralisation would positively affect creativity because individuals will be given a chance to expose their learning goal oriented behaviour to tackle given tasks.


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