Week 10 Essay Example

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Initially, people used to work as a group in the society. Issues that affected people were dealt with by all people. Furthermore, children were brought up by the society and not individual parents. Each person had a responsibility in molding the behavior of the child. However, the world has changed drastically. With the increasing levels of globalization that mainly results from liberalization of markets, efficient flow of information, and integration of economies across the world, people are moving from one part of the world to another. Besides enhancing the level of diversity, this aspect is increasing the level of individuality in the society. As a result, no one feels personally liable to what is happening to other people in the world. People are only concerned with their life and that of the immediate families. This explains the reason why despite mass killings in different parts of the world, people are just sitting down and watching news without thinking of the best intervention strategies.

Human services have become more individualized. Initially, many of the social services were free to everyone in the society. However, with the entry of laws that protect individual rights and the banking systems, people are more concerned about personal pleasure. As a result, money has been used as a way of dividing people along the social lines. Currently, people are alienating themselves from the rest in order to get individual recognition. This aspect has played a significant role in killing the spirit of teamwork even in organizations.

One of the main dilemmas that I have faced in the work place is on whether to promote teamwork, an aspect that would eliminate cases of individualism or to support delegation and division of responsibility, which might affect individualism. Organizations are facing different challenges resulting from globalization. As a result, they are employing subordinates who emanates from different cultural, religious, and racial background. This is significant in enabling them to deal with varying challenges. On the other hand, teamwork has been associated with complacency. The reason is that no employee can be held accountable for failure to achieve the set goals and objectives. As a result, the theory of individualization is significant in understanding the best way to handle personal identity and self.

Through this theory, we are able to understand and come up with more effective ways of dealing with human reactions without losing track from the spirit of teamwork. Therefore, it becomes easier to deal with individual grievances without promoting individualism. This can be achieved through promoting an open office policy. Through such policies, the top managers would be able to deal with any personal challenges that might be affecting the employees in the team without having to dissolve the team. This is critical in ensuring that individualism is eliminated without abolishing the critical aspects that puts the organization together.

Through these resources, I have leant the importance of balancing individual interests with that of the whole team. The reason is that we cannot learn from issues such as privacy in the modern world. The only way forward is to understand how to balance them with other important aspects that are critical to the welfare of the other people.