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Client: The client of this website is a music producer who records music for artists who wanted me to develop a portfolio website for him. By using the website, artists can learn about the types of services that the studio offer, the costs involved in recording music and videos and can contact the producer (PrinceArts) to inquire more.

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Project description: This is a type of website which we call a portfolio website. This website will have the proper information of studio such as:

  • What type of studio is this?

  • What services it offers?

  • Who are their employees (Team)

  • Personal information about the producer

  • Information about the studio

  • Contact Details

Most of the companies are going online and developing web portals so that their customers can contact them from anywhere within no time and can get the information of their products they wanted to buy (Sklar p.58). Similarly, artists before recording their work will adopt the same. They also want to know the information about the previous success projects of the producer.

Requirement: Client actually wanted to have a clean good looking website which should be interactive and responsive (means will be able to run on all the devices including mobile, tablets and desktops). The website has to be accessible across all different operating systems be it android, windows or MacOS. It should also be accessible through the use of different devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. The modern world for instance has been mobilized and artists may want to at some point want to access the studio site from a mobile device. I had to ensure that these artists and other users are able to access the contents of the site via any means possible without getting annoyed or frustrated (Sklar p.120).

Visual appealing is what meets the eye of the user. The colours, pictures, shapes, the fonts, white- or negative space, as well as the overall balance of visual balance should be appealing to the eye of the user of the website. This affects the perception about the website, how it is used as well as how well it will be remembered. The first impression of the website’s visual appearance affects how the artists will form long lasting relationship with the producer. It will affect whether they will like the producer and whether they will like to record with him again. The trust created by the user and the producer also is created at the first impression. The visual appealing creates a sphere that draws visitors and get them ever hooked (Sklar p.318).

Usability entails ensuring that the website is usable and that the website has to work when visitors to it click the links and buttons in it. The website has to be findable such that when people start finding items in the site, they can trace them. This encompasses bringing the fields of information architecture and interaction design. I had to involve the artists in giving out ideas of how they want the site to look like. Some of them wanted to upload drafts of their works for the producers to respond on areas that the artists had to improve (Sklar p.498).

Background: actually a producer who receives artistic works from artists such as raw music lyrics, recorded films and videos and also snippets of movies so that he produces a final product for the artists. Musicians and actors can have their work fine-tuned there to final products-music audios, videos, films, movies and other documentaries.

Purpose: The purpose of this website is to give the customers easy access to the studio services so that they can easily present their works and then the producer makes them reservations to record final products for them. Artists can contact the producer or the studio and book reservations early enough to avoid inconveniences. The charges and the types of the services that the producer/studio offers along with the location map are listed in the site.

Target Audience: Most of the audience will be the artists from different fields such Music, Movie actors, Film Takers, Photographers and Documentary Shooters. Weddings also bring recorded video clips and photos to have them combined in one film. Sponsors can log in and nurture talents of the young talented artists.

Benefits: This website will help the studio to build a good reputation with providing the best services to artists and with good communication through this website (Sklar p.500). This website will be accessible from all over the world developing the multinational type company. Using this website company can target maximum artists and other individuals who want to shoot their videos or record audios.

Tone of voice: As this website is a company portfolio so I have to follow the formal tone because of its importance for the studio. Every company has some policies and regulations to have a proper sense of a reputed organization I have to follow the formal tone to have a good impact on the customers (artists) of the company and to build a long relationship with them (Sklar p.510).

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