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Visual Promotion Analysis (Australia) 7

Visual Promotion Analysis (Australia)


Australia is known internationally for production of some of the world’s finest wines. Product promotion is one of the main activities that the wines business industry takes part in so as to realize the best possible sales and in return, high profit margins. Most of the Australian wine is exported to other countries, though there are companies that produce wine for local consumption. This is an analysis of sample internet advertisement of Australian wine. The analysis is done from several marketing dimensions, some of which include marketing mix elements and the marketing process involved.


Vintage Cellars is a renowned seller of some Australia’s finest wines. Specifically, this advertisement focuses on the advertisement of red wine. This is an advertisement retrieved from the Company’s official website at [] and there is a wide range of marketing issues that are tackled in the post.

Target Audience/ Population

Product promotion has to be set to target a particular class of consumers. There are products that are suited for everyone just as there are those that are meant for certain people. In the advertisement covered in Vintage Sellers’ post, the target population is all internet users, but only those that are aged 18 and above.

This is because the red wine has substances that are not suited for minors and excessive consumption may lead to health complications. In addition, the target market is widened through the use of the internet. This is an important aspect of the use of e-commerce in carrying out the marketing operations.

Product Assessment

Product assessment can be carried out in terms of the 4Ps of marketing. These include product, place, price and promotion (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2009, p. 04).

The product in this case is red wine that comes in different brands. For example, the samples that are listed in the visual promotion in this case are McLaren Vale Shiraz, Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, Langmeil Blockbuster Shiraz and Chalkboard Central Otago Pinot Noir among many other brands of red wine that are available in stock.

Product description is important in letting the target consumers be aware of the products that are on sale (Extract 8.2. undated, p. 292). The various classes of wines that are available in stock all are provided with different descriptions in terms of the items that are used in their processing.

There are different pricing strategies that are used by various organizations. In the case of Vintage Cellars, the prices are discounted. This is a promotional kind of pricing, and is meant to attract as many customers as possible to the product in question (Sandra, 2013: pp. 07). There are other types of pricing strategies such as competitive approaches (Jones & Barlett, 2009, p. 07).

In this case, the prices are set fairly below those set by potential competitors with a view to coming up with a wider market coverage to increase sales (Burnett, 2012, p. 06). Taking an example of Chalkboard Central Otago Pinot Noir type of red wine, the price of the product across any 6 nearby competitors is set at $17.09 while that at Vintage Cellars is set at $ 16.90 (Vintage Cellars, 2013). The slight margin is enough to attract in as many consumers as possible.

  1. Promotion Strategies

Product promotion strategies are chosen on the basis of costs and the extent of target population. In the current society, promotion takes the form of internet advertisements, television broadcasts and other forms of marketing (Business 101, 2011, p. 13). In the case of Vintage Cellars, the promotion is two-way. Discounted pricing in itself is a form of promotion that tends to attract more customers to acquire the wines at lower prices (Marketing Mix, undated, p. 04).

In addition, the use of internet platforms facilitates the ability to reach out to as many people as possible hence widening the market coverage (Moderandi Inc., 2009, p. 77). There are other options that could be used by Vintage Cellars to reach out to more customers so as to increase the sales. These include provision of offers and after-sale services such as shipment. In the long run, the quantity of sales depends on the promotion strategies, the product quality, customer tastes and preferences and the prices of the items in question (NHLAMKT101 Module 4, 2010, p. 04).

A product has to be located at specific outlets. In order to maximize sales, the place aspect has to be reachable to the customers. Vintage Cellars is a large scale dealer in wines, especially the red wine category. In the case of exports, shipment services are provide, but at the expense of the customer. This in a way increases the reachability of the company to the buyers (Ehmke, Fulton & Lusk, 2012 p. 03).

In the case of local consumers, the products are availed at major outlets located in Australian cities. The strategic location of these outlets is meant to attract as many customers as possible in order to generate more income for business maintenance and expansion (Gedenk, Scott & Kasun, 2011, p. 13). Customers would mainly go for those products that are reachable to them at the most cost-effective rates. In product promotion, the sellers have to take into account this marketing strategy.

Marketing Process

Marketing process begins with the development of the product. This is then followed by the feasibility analysis that looks into the cost-benefit analysis to consider whether it is worthwhile to pursue the promotional strategy (Winter, 2010, p. 09). In the case of Vintage Cellars, the process is not clearly outlined, but from the online post, all the 4 Ps of marketing are taken into account.

Case of Vintage Cellars

The promotional activity of Vintage Cellars in relation to red wine is a successful promotional activity. Having taken into account all the components of the marketing mix, all the elements are taken care of. Despite the fact that the promotional procedure is not clearly outlined, the objectives of this promotional strategy are likely to be accomplished.


Product promotion has to take into account all the marketing mix elements as well as provide a clear outline of the marketing process. The process is usually implied in a case where is not directly stated. This is important to the organization in determining or speculating on the possible outcome of the promotional strategy. The promotional strategy at Vintage Cellars is currently in use by many Australian companies and other organizations in the world due to globalization of business.


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