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Social media features mainly trigger’s the social behavior this includes various features from Facebook and Instagram. Instagram being mainly a photo sharing have various features such as the recently updated Stories feature. Still, the application of the new stories feature is applied in a similar way to Facebook given that it involves the use of the horizontal display and the classification of these stories depending on their ranking by Facebook. This helps in improving the interaction across this social media platform. Furthermore, through this additional feature, one can choose to send it to identified group of friends. Besides Facebook has also integrated the animated features which help in giving the users a new dimension, as well as, new experiences given that there are different ways in which animated faces can be filtered. The new features help in giving the users a new experience and improve the interaction process especially by sharing different stories. This similar aspect is well integrated into the Instagram platform. There are masks, frames, and interactive filters which help in improving the interaction process. In addition, the introduction of the new in-app camera by Facebook has also helped in improving the communication process.

Facebook has group features which are absent in Instagram that limits the number of friends that one can share different videos of photos with. Having a lower limit in terms of bio input Instagram also has 380-word limit options. Facebook help in giving its audiences a social experience on how various elements are applied and have not limited their uses just like Instagram has done. Both Instagram and Facebook helps in giving people different social experiences through the interaction process. Besides, the new features by Instagram such as new photo album feature contribute to improving the photo sharing ability of the Instagram platform.