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Question 1.

BMW is a German based motorcycle, luxury vehicles and engine manufacturing company that was founded in 1916. Its motorcycles are produced under the BMW Motorrad division. The company uses a number of marketing techniques to promote the sale of their products to different types of customers and this paper discusses the motorcycles division and marketing that is done to promote the sale of these motorcycles.

Target segmentation and positioning can be identified as one of the bases of the company’s marketing strategies that is used to divide population into different sections and then develop products and services that are specifically attractive to a particular group of customers. This process is important because the company cannot offer attractive products to all members of the population in an equal manner. Segmentation hence allows for the splitting of different groups of customers according to specifications such as social class, age and even lifestyle. Segmentation is divided into four categories mainly behavioral, demographic and psychographic. Targeting then follows after segmentation has taken place. For the automotive segment there is the BMW that targets people aged twenty to sixty five years, It can be based both in urban and rural areas, these people can be bachelors, newlyweds or even dating couples. The second category is the Mini that targets people aged twenty five to forty five years, both males and females based in urban centers, they could be bachelor’s newlyweds or even dating. The last category for the automotives is the Rolls-Royce that targets individuals aged forty and above in urban settings both males and females. The motorcycle segment targets people of all ages both in urban and rural settings. It accommodates those who need something fast as well as those who need something with average speed.

Question 2.

For their advertising they use the print, media advertising and also the internet to get messages across to their customers about their brands and what they are offering. When choosing the print media and internet platforms for their advertising they are guided by the interests of their various target groups. They have recently started mobile marketing where they advertise their products on messaging apps that are popular and have many users such as the Wechat that is used in China and has approximately five hundred and fifty million users on a monthly basis. Use of the internet can also be termed as viral marketing where marketing messages are spread to people over the internet. However the company has not yet fully realized the full benefits of viral marketing seeing as it is also susceptible to manipulation and even spamming which distorts the original messages while also interfering with the spread of the message, there is also lack of control tools on viral marketing and its effect on people. Media advertising has been found to be the most effective with adverts being run on television and even radio shows indicating what the company has to offer while also reaching a wide range of people. Here the customers are able to identify with the brand since the can see the cars on television and see what they are capable of while they also get to understand the different types of models available for their purchase. Print media reaches a lot of people too since it is found in magazines and even newspapers showcasing their different models and reaching different target audiences in regards to what types of magazines and newspapers they read.

Question 3.

One of the biggest challenges that BMW motorcycle faces is in the prices of raw materials and energy going up all the time and also the currency risk growing greater. It is because the dollar and the Japanese yen have lost about eighty percent of their value to the Euro in the last seven years. It means that the main competitors of the BMW motorcycle series are benefiting from the weaknesses of the dollar and the yen. It means competitors are able to offer their products and services at lower prices in the world market while making huge profits at it. To overcome these challenges the company continues to enhance their efficiency in production, sales and development. They are increasing their international marketing and purchasing activity while also building an attractive, innovative and competitive portfolio. They are constantly and actively looking for new options for profitable growth and even planning on increasing their volumes to cater for clients all over the globe.

Question 4.

BMW works with agencies in their advertising campaigns of the different segments they have and also when they are recruiting workers for their manufacturing plants. BMW plays the role of the employer while the agency plays the role of supplying workers who have undergone interviews to verify whether they are the right fit for the jobs being offered by the company. The agencies negotiate the salaries on behalf of the workers and when there is a problem the company contacts the agents to have them sort out the problem in regard to the agency workers. With the recent cuts in employee numbers from huge companies such as Npower and Hewlett Packard as they try to cut on costs it is a welcomed gesture when BMW recruits agency workers. These people take on jobs that other would not apply for which range from packing products to electrical engineering. For these tasks collaborations are done with the human resource department for the recruitment of suitable workers in the company.

Agencies are also used during advertising where the company provides their target segments and who they would like to reach and the advertising agency comes up with suitable commercials for the company. This is done in collaboration with the marketing department of BMW to ensure they reach their target audiences and get the right message across about their products and services.

Question 6.

BMW uses the internet as a way for them to advertise their products and services and it is seen as a good way of reaching greater numbers of their target groups since most people now make use of the internet in their day to day activities. They have also made navigation systems and internet use in the car a lot easier for their customers by the use of the connected drive application. Connected drive requires that you insert a sim card into your BMW which allows for the use of services such as the concierge services, the internet, remote services, real time traffic information in many countries around the world and also the BMW teleservices. The Sim card is installed directly into the vehicle and does not need the use of your mobile phone. It makes sure one has a direct link to the outside world even in challenging situations. They also have the navigation system professional that help drivers find directions when driving to unknown locations. There is the I drive touch controller that allows one to enter their destinations for navigation. They have the gesture and touch control which allows for selected functions to be operated by the use of defined hand movements. The intelligent voice assistant that offers speech support to drivers on a large scope of individual and situational variations. The Wi-Fi hot spot is also an added advantage in BMW cars which allows for paid internet connection and lastly there is the wireless charging for phones. All these features make use of the internet and it is a step in keeping their clients connected while taking advantage of the technologies now available to make the use of the BMW more enjoyable.

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