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Venus and Adonis Poem: Venus’ Sister’s Journal

Venus And Adonis: Venus’ Sister’s Journal

Date 10th – 11th October 2016

The day started off by a jovial look on my sister, Venus’s face. Her fairy smile told it all, but wait! Venus;the goddess of love, was such a wonderful sister. We sat under a tree enjoying the cool breeze when she opened up to tell me of her encounter with a handsome man who would never let her hang out in her usual hanging sites as she could not keep off chilling with him.

Consequently, my interest to get more overwhelmed my conscious, I became inquisitive just to get to know more about the prince that had caught my dear sister’s eyes not leaving her heart.” Talking of his God-given beauty; the world’s most handsome man she has ever met.” Venus was so into this man whom she named as Adonis; the wild hunter.

Thereafter, we opted for a walk down the valley where Adonis would always be found with his horse planning on the next hunt. Along the way, I was juggling fruits when Venus held my arms to stop and have a glance at a hunting soldier. Ahem! I held my breath. To me it was like a dream to see my sister fall in love with a stranger, not purely sane. We headed right to Adonis whose attention was all on his hunting game.

The Goddess of love, with her unrequited love for Adonis, the all-time hunter, wasn’tgiving life a taste to me, it all seemed to me like lust and not passion for true love. She told him lots of love phrases but Adonis would only give back by walking away. The short narrative between the two VENUS and ADONIS is a replica of the contemporary love affairs that made me to even love it more. Yes, I felt good in the event of seeing the goddess of love having a dream of getting love from a hunter who believes nothing could ever happen to him while hunting.

Deliberately, Adonis didn’t end it well when he failed to take into Venus’s advice of not going to hunt the next day following her dream of Adonis getting involved in an accident. I felt so sad and sorry for my sister when the news came to us of the hunter’s death. Adonis could have not believed to that he was the best hunter in the world and that nothing could ever happen to him. Moreover, I had to empathize with Venus when she turned Adonis blood into a bright red flower called anemone to honor him. To me it wasn’t the right step to take in mourning Adonis as it brought about more pain to the heart. The consequent days were both filled with joy and grief.


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