Value-based Indicator of Motivation Essay Example

3Value-based Indicator of Motivation

Value-based Indicator of Motivation

Value-based Indicator of Motivation

By reading the article, values are those important things to people and they guide individuals in the manner in which we work and live. I have known that it is important for one to consider what they know or say in regard to their values. I have also appreciated the fact that it is also important for one to live according on their individual values since it makes life more satisfying (Aljabali, 2015). By being aware of one’s goals decision making is made easier and better since the values acts as essential road signs and help people in getting back on track if they are lost in the way. At times those small decisions can change an individual’s live completely. The article has been influential in understanding that one should not under estimate their values (Aljabali, 2015). When they are coupled with a person’s personality they seem to be the foundation of a person’s sense of identity. VbIM (Value-based indicator of motivation) is mainly used so as to challenge and clarify a person’s ideas, inquire if what one say is additionally superficial as well as helping individuals in coming up with a list of what is more fundamental. this ought to be made as a continuous process since it will play an essential role in helping people to come up with a list of their priorities and gauge how much their personal life is turning out in the manner in which they want or would like to be and based on these the can change (Aljabali, 2015).


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