Utilization of I.T to enhance organizational productivity

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Impacts of Information Technology to Business Organization Performance.



Based on performance I try to investigate what are the results of the organization followed by the employee performance employed by the government and even private institution. The main idea is the computer and its application utilization and its self-efficiency.at the end of the essay we are supposed to agree that use of computer is a crucial factor

Banes, (2011) try to describe the many impacts to the productivity to the organization and even to the employee’s performance. Have discussed some advantages related to information technology and also its disadvantages.

Lastly, I have tried to come up with my conclusion which where I take information technology being the best idea to implement to business despite its disadvantages.


Information technology is the use of computers and other related devices to retrieve, store, manipulate and store data. Still involves computer networks for communication and sharing of resources among the connected organizations. Information technology is the central facilities in the organization. Has caused some many changes by making employees life much easier in terms of communication among them and even accessing information from other sources (Stiroh and Kevin, 2002), this concept we refer it as making the world a global village.

The government also engaged its operation to make use of I.T to offer services to the public as find in (Heeks, 1999). For better usage of information technology, there must be set of rules and protocol to be followed as we will see that there’re some activities which need to be regulated to avoid losses. Due to this that why we should engage government and other standard making bodies set out how the I.T will be implemented and ensure all rules are followed. Implementation of these rules may take long but at long run will be established.

Organizations are using information system, ensures the rules and protocol are are well followed and provide their employees with needed knowledge to control the work and perform the task effectively .let figure out its impact on the performance and the output of the organization.

Advantages brought by use information technology.

Internet being the core of information technology brings about brings about the advantage of organization to a company, an employee is able to access important data for making a big decision on management of the organization, brand of product to place on the market, means of advertising so as to beat other competing organization. Enables employees to work in the different location far from the organization, also making easier for the managers to monitor the business profit margin, workers, and even the trending issues in the job market. It makes the communication with customer easier where clients can access the services anytime and with easier which in turns build a better relationship between the customers and the organization management. The Internet enables the organization to have a wide range of market since they can access almost the whole world and can offer services to any individual if there’s internet access hence the sales tend to be more; in returns, more profit is made. The Internet also offers some useful communicating facilities like video calls, the virtual conference which enables the organization to meet and make a quick decision at the comfort of their seat ( Fernandez, Gonzalez and Sabherwal, 2004).

As a result of information technology, there’re much better platforms for controlling and communicating with the customers i.e. the design of a website is much better where the customers can access the company’s information at any time and with easier. The website provides all the information the customers may need even giving the option of asking questions, making orders, offering education on the usage of the products and how one can get the product with many conveniences.as customer interact with the websites, they get feedback as fast as possible hence saving the time for the customers. Thanks to the evolvement of information technology.

As a result of information technology, the production has become much easier and faster compared to the organization without utilization of this technology. It forms machines which are much quick and accurate than human beings.in huge production companies utilization of robots has become the only way since they have some programming knowledge on how to work out something. They are so advantageous since they never get tired so the work is done all through hence more production of good with much fewer faults or completely without.

When we check on agriculture area the technology has made it easier to run large firms with easier due to bring out machinery of farming and even harvesting for large scale farming. IT has come up with all possible ways of making sure the production is perfect and the profit margin is much higher.

Security is one of the main aspects to consider for survival being of any kind the knowledge of information technology is able to take control of it. It offers some physical security measures like biometric security measures which are able to control the movement of workers by ensuring that one deserve the access or not, CCTV which is able to collect all data and store it in database as same time displaying all data to display room and in case of threat are able to sound an alarm. When we go on the other side of internet security ,despite it being the big challenge for many organization information technologies is able to provide some ways to cope with this problem, some of it being like; firewalls which are software which controls what goes out and in of the organization database ( Filippov and Iastrebova, 2010).

In business planning, IT has imposed so much effort by easily enabling to check out for various key areas. Planning involves making decision for long term. For a large organization, the administration is a big problem but IT has some ways of making it easier. The managers are able to delegate duties and responsibilities at the comfort of their seats by use of software or by even sending the message by use of emails which is fast and efficient. In areas of recruitment, there are some intelligent systems which are able to ask questions the interviewee and are able to make some conclusions .IT has made the possibility of using systems which can even control an organization in the absence of the managers and give out the best.

Employees are the basic factor of the company; I.T has still made their way of doing their daily work easier by provision of application to make use in their daily duties

Disadvantages of information technology to an organization.

On the other side of information technology, there are some drawbacks which I must go through, which include;

Unemployment being the common problem in developing countries is brought by the use of technology in the production of goods and services. Since the system and machine are capable of carrying out the task which can be done by a group of people, so if the system is implemented the big number of employees are dismissed. In turns lead low standard of living for those who are unemployed.

Much use of computers leads to negative impact on the health of the users. Some of the health problems include sight problem due to the use of the computer for a long time, neurological defects which brought by tension and the posture, blood circulation even the problem of breathing.

Use of internet has imposed some risks to the business due attacks by hackers who are capable of destroying company resources and loss of the company confidential details which can cause the much loss to the company

Organizations which operate under use systems are exposed to the problem of system crashing which would lead to business stopping and leading to much loss.

Dibben,( 2009),explains how information technology has imposed our data to the danger of computer virus which is can cause many negative effects to by either destroying the whole system or part of the system. This is software which makes the system operate in an unusual way in turns causing many defects.

The whole implementation requires a lot of capital to purchase the systems, hardware, and even the software. The personnel to operate also require a certain level of education which is much expensive. These systems require daily maintenance which makes it more expensive.

Due to much growth in information technology customers are so much imposed to the cyber-crimes where their confidential details can be stolen and be used for other activities which can harm them.eg they bank account can be stolen and their money is stolen ( Caplan,2006).

In countries where there much use of information technology the government is exposed to low tax income since most of the business carried over the internet are not registered since it harder sometimes to follow up all those companies which operate over the internet. In turn, this leads to a slow growth of the country gross domestic product (Heeks, 1999).

We find that some workers use the internet and the computers for their own benefits which result to low outcomes to the organization. This misuse of resources leads to the organization incurring other expenses which are not stipulated to the planning of the budget


We find that there’s a strong relationship which exist between the business success and information technology. IT has become the basic factor which each business must make use of it. Most firms are nowadays adopting the customized production as a result of reduced costs due to this technology and increase in profit margin (Fernandez, et al 2004).

When we compare the input to output we find that output is more compared to input when we use information technology. For the companies which are information technology based and install all its equipment and utilize it maximally, this changes the company’s nature of production


This essay has come to a conclusion that information technology has so many advantages which result to a better relationship with customers, good planning and even business management which are the core aspects of each organization. The same technology has some disadvantages including health problems, insecurity and even misuse of organization resources. Despite the disadvantages, we cannot establish a business without the use of information technology since its one of the best practices which ensure and guarantee best results at relatively low cost.

I do agree that information technology will always increase the performance of the business and enhance the productivity of both employee and the organization. For every organization which needs less supervision of the workers, access to wide market and even have a better relationship with the customers must have to adopt the use and implementation of information technology.


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