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Report of the University about health issues and failures in the subject Essay Example

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Plea for the retention of my Scholarship

I write this to request for a second chance at the University and maintain my scholarship which I honestly need and have worked as hard as I can to deserve it except for the incident with Mathspace and my results for which I have a valid reason.

I was seriously ill with complications with my testes during the first semester with numerous interruptions from school work as a result of an infection on my scrotum and tending to my sick mother. I was constantly weak and felt like fainting and could barely walk. I asked for help from my Maths teacher in advance but she did not assist me with my final exam. I was often nose bleeding with and had a severe flu which made my doctor subscribe a one week bed rest but still did my computer exam nevertheless.

I was suffering from anxiety and depression because of the health condition of my mother who was very sick. I could not help feeling sad and helpless because I could not make her better. I explained my health and mental situation which the teacher rejected with no reason even though I had given her the medical certification of my illness. I then had an issue with my management paper because a student copied my work where I was blamed instead and penalized. She threatened that I would fail which happened later with my maths paper.

In the third semester I had problems with Mathspace and I failed despite having done all my assignments as required for each of the two weeks. The results did not reflect on the system. I talked to the Mathspace stuff which got my teacher very upset. She asked me not to call Mathspace again and promised to help which she did not and eventually gave me a 10 out of 20. That was in addition to avoiding appointments with me to discuss the problem with Mathspace.

Despite all the problems I had been facing, I tried my best to do my school work. My mother was ailing and constantly sad and lonely. I was the one that cared for her. That strained my school work because it was hard to balance home problems with studying, but I did all my work nevertheless. I was constantly stressed and mildly depressed. I sincerely hope that you consider my plea and give me a second chance at the scholarship because I value it and have done my best to retain it. Thanks.