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Urban Legends

Urban Legends: Death by Pop Rocks


An urban legend is kind of a story that is so appalling, unexplainable and horrifying which makes people believe due to the fear associated with them. Urban legends trace their origins from nations, universities or even people who make incredible stories and passes on to their friends and family members. Most of the urban legends started in the mid-sixties and seventies and still continue to be passed on till today (Stewart, 2012). For instance, a good example of a popular urban legend is the horrifying Pop Rocks death. In the mid-seventies, students passed on rumors that if Pop Rocks candies were eaten with soda, the person’s inside would explode. The legend caused the company to prove as untrue and vague as the rumor had no sufficient evidence towards the allegations.

It is imperative to note that most of the legends start with friends which mean that there are higher chances that what they are discussing or saying has no concrete evidence and therefore untrue (Stewart, 2012). Besides, as the legends are passed from one person to another, the story is likely to be changed and modified to varied versions which might be different from the actual story. Precisely, they are subject to exaggeration as they are passed from one individual to another. The above mentioned urban legend asserted that after consuming Pop Rocks with Soda (Coke) the substances would mix in the stomach resulting in unexpected reaction and explode (Stewart, 2012). The rumor exerted more pressure to the company and as a result, in 1983 it ceased marketing Pop Rocks. However, it was proved that the combination of carbon dioxide in the Pop Rock Candy and the high concentration in the Soda does not create enough gas to cause any kind of explosion in the stomach.


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