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Urban design

Urban Design

The Greeks remain the most influential civilization with fundamental influence on present day urban design. During the medieval period, Greece went experienced influence on urban planning because of significant influence of economic and political forces (Cuthbert, 2008). To the Greeks, urban planning was an essential component of their culture, something that drew the contribution of many city planner. The Greek urban designs were major contribution of planner such as Plato, Sixtus, Hippodamus and Aristotle.

Plato is one of the known Greek urban planner who proposed a unique urban planner. In his writings, Plato argued that the ideal city would an organization similar to that of the state and an addition structure made of second-class women. He also argued that an average city should have an optimal size, a contribution that made the size of Greek city-states limited. Most important, Plato conceived that cities should be far from the sea to avoid influence of commerce and sports. Apart from Plato, Vitruvius contributed on the arrangement of cities. He argued that order was an essential part of design and that Greek cities should have order through symmetry and proportion (Moughtin, 2012). These principles changed how architects design the Greek cities.

While little know, Hippodamus and Phaleas made considerable contributions to the Greek urban planning. Hippodamus was an urban planner who introduced formal order. His emphasis was on the use of geometry in creating formal order (Higgins, 2009). Through his contribution, builder made use of right angles to build architectural elements. Most important, he argued that cities should have social part—artisans, farmers, and defenders. Aristotle contributed to design of communal buildings as way of maintaining sustainable cities. He was also behind the creation of cities where citizen take part in decision making in the city.


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