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Palm Oil 4

Unsustainable palm oil

Back ground information of the issue

Palm oil is a form of vegetable oil gotten from the fruit of oil palm tree. These trees originated from West Africa but they can do well in places with abundant rainfall and high temperatures. Some issues concerned with production of palm oil have been identified in that when planting the oil palm trees, land have to be cleared resulting to deforestation (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016). Forests which are cleared to give land for cultivation of oil palm are habitats of wild animals some of which are facing the danger of extinction. Its production has also been associated with land alienation as well as negative impacts to the environment such as climatic changes due to deforestation. Palm oil action group in Australia is an organization addressing these issues with an aim of bringing positive change.

Problems to be addressed by the campaign

  • Massive deforestation: Land clearing to pave way for oil palm plantations lead to widespread deforestation. Burning and cutting down of trees have contributed significantly to climate change when methane and other green house gases are emitted into the atmosphere. A good example is Indonesia where 1.8 million hectares of forest are destroyed each year in 2000-2005 (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016).

  • Extinction of some animal species: some endangered species animals such as the Sumatran orangutan and Bornean Orangutan live in forests whose depletion will mean their extinction (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016).

  • Land alienation: oil palm plantations have forced indigenous people in some of these areas to be displaced. Individuals in these areas also lack important ecosystem services like fertile soils and clean water (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016).

  • Air and water pollution. Production of oil palm is associated with increased use of pesticides which are harmful to human and animal lives as well as water pollution Palm (Oil Action Australia 2016).

Goal and objectives of the campaign

  • To make sure that all palm oil products sold in Australia are labelled in order to ascertain they come from sustainable palm oil.

  • To make sure that all palm oil imported into Australia is certified by RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Oil) a body responsible for transforming the palm oil industry.

  • To make Australian public aware of the consequences associated with unsustainable palm oil in South East Asia for them to take help in solving the negative issues.

  • To do enough and credible research regarding palm oil and make it available to the public (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016).

Establishment of credibility of Palm oil action group in Australia as an activist

The major reason for the establishment the palm oil action group is to create awareness on the impacts of the unsustainable palm oil production in South East Asia. It develops strategies and implements them in Australia with their concern on consumption of products with palm oil. It advocates for use of substitutes in order to prevent the negative impacts associated with production of palm oil. Palm oil action group ensures that palm oil and its products imported in Australia are sustainable. Through its activities guided by their objectives, the group has made a considerable change as activists and improving people’s way of life, both in South East Asia indirectly and also Australia through consumption of accredited palm oil products (Palm Oil Action Australia 2016).


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