University admission essay Example

University Admission Essay

Since my childhood it has been my belief that there are two ways of looking at how the world develops. Firstly, the world develops by understanding the progresses in human civilization and history. Secondly, the world progresses when I make sense of such histories and civilizations. As a matter of fact, the two are intensely interlinked with mathematics, philosophy and cosmology. While the three areas of studies form strong basis of my future career, as a child, my passion about mathematics had been strong and as a result, the need to maintain high academic standards came with it. This position had been strongly supported by my family who would engage me in different activities that promoted my interests. In point of fact, we would attend different shows, events and ceremonies but all the time, my family would offer a closer attention and a more intimate ambiance towards my academic desires. For instance, during school holidays my father would remind me of the need to play card games which linked my mental thinking to arithmetic solutions. More often than not, such opportunities allowed me to share my own perspectives of tackling mathematics problems.

Everyone will attest that there are places they like or hold dearest to their hearts. When I was young I regarded special locations and places as those which provided an opportunity to connect my interests and talents in bowing and what I would become when I finally get my college graduation. One day as I visited this place everything pleased me especially seeing people working in natural attractions and beautiful sceneries talking coffee in an open air. These people had one thing in common though; waiting their orders to be made to their preferences and specifications. What struck me every time I visited this place was the logic in waiting. I often asked my-self this question, “Why wait, can’t they find their orders waiting on the table?” and the only answer that came to my mind was that it was only mathematics that was going to offer solution to that challenge. It is the only thing I thought was going to offer solutions. The places I visited were uniquely financial sectors and decisions were to be made. My dad used to tell me about the collapse of business enterprises such as Lehman Brothers and such reminded me that it is only through mathematics that I was going to provide solutions into a career in subjects such as finance and management of businesses.

I am committed and hardworking student who have managed complex mathematic related cases especially in decision making. I have continued to perfect my skills and knowledge in different areas of studies. I have been excited by different career opportunities a qualification in mathematics provides. Based on my interests and passions, I hope to study the language of mathematics and apply its outcomes along with other areas of interest such as philosophy and bowing. My love for arguments and proving my point through factual analyses has helped me pursue my interest, to the level it may take me—which has only served to make me more sure of the decisions I have taken about my future career.