Jargon/Slang and Standard English Essay Example

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  1. Jargon/Slang and Standard English

Business Jargon

Ordinary Meaning

Standard working hours

Touch base

Due diligence

Research ahead of making a decision


Bang for the buck

Make the highest return

Working together

Sweat equity

Get an equity stake not paid for


Jealous person

Kick the bucket

Pissed off


  1. Speech for a diverse audience

A diverse audience refers to an audience containing people from diverse cultures and languages. In preparing a speech to a diverse audience, one has to learn the correct pronunciation of words so as to keep a neutral accent. It is also important to find meaning for some key words out of a person’s native language. Besides, the speech should be prepared in plain and understandable English. Idiomatic expressions, jargons and slang should be avoided such that the larger meaning of a word is not lost in any part of the audience. Metaphors should be keenly considered given that a metaphor in one language could have a vulgar meaning in another culture. For instance the American football is such a common sport in the United States. If the metaphor is not used well it could irritate people from the United States, particularly if you intend to do business with Americans.


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