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2Unions In Australia

Unions in Australia

A union is referred to as the combination or coming together of individuals for a common purpose or interest (Chopin, 2009). When many people gather together they form groups that are strong and can share ideas to solve or achieve a common objective. The act of becoming a single is very essential because most people within that group may share opinions and ideas that can be used to grow evidently. The dictionary has also defined the word union in a number of ways that it can be applied to form totally different meanings. For instance the word Union means the state or act of being united as one or uniting. Marriage is also described as union because of the element of combination of two people (Chopin, 2009). Mathematically we can refer to the word union as elements of one another in a set of two or more sets. Politically we can define union as the alliance formed for the mutual benefit of the political campaign. Sexual intercourse is also a form of union. The construction of houses also is maintained by unions (free dictionary, 2011).

Australia labour movement can be traced back between the 19th and 20th century when political and trade unions started being active. All trade Unions are required by the law to be registered by the Australia Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). The inception of trade Unions was to bring to a closure the practice of child labour, improve the working conditions of employees by either increasing their salaries or ensuring safety conditions are established, maintain a standard number of hours for working and ensure that the future generation benefits from education. Australia Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) was established far back in 1927 (ACTU, 2011). It was successfully applied after various attempts by other trade unions to form one big union for instance the CNT and IWW. They wanted to form a union called workers Industrial Union of Australia (WIUA). The ACTU includes state labour councils for instance the Victorian Trades Hall Council and the labour council of New South Wales which began in 1870 with the name Sydney trades and labor Council. ACTU is mandated to represent Australian Trade Unions though it is still regarded as a large council organisation. Majority of the Blue Collar Company’s are known to be supported by ACTU. Examples of Councils under ACTU include Australian Council of salaried and Professional Associations ACSPA) formed in 1956, Australian Government Employee Organisation ( CAGEO) formed in 1975 and Salaried Employees Consultative Council of New South Wales found in 1954 which were all amalgamated (ACTU, 2011). The current unions include the Police Federation of Australia formed in 2003 to protect the police officers in Australia. Australia Municipal, Administrative, clerical and services Union that protects workers in Industries and the Australia Maritime Officers Union which includes marine officers as well as the Administrative and supervisory personnel (ACTU, 2011).

There are a number of political Unions in Australia that share a common Government though are usually recognized as single entities. Political Unions are referred in other terms such as legislative union and the composition being that they are formed from a combination of smaller states. Australia came into existence following the incorporation of unions where a former state is dissolved entirely once the new union has been formed. Australia formerly Commonwealth of Australia is the world’s largest economy and in 2010-2011 it was ranked as number six in terms of Global Competitiveness. Some of the members are European Union in Australia, Australia Services Union and Yale Political Union (Evans, 2005).

We also have Unions formed under social services such as Australia Service of Social service which brings different people of a community together, Health Services Union which is a Union formed by all health workers and the Credit Union Foundation Australia which is a credit Union movement that empowers communities by giving them credit to promote their financial positions and living conditions in their communities through becoming credible entrepreneurs (Health Services Union, 2011).

Despite the drop Trade Unions have made soaring positive progress such as in 2011 Australia women or mothers can now enjoy paid parental leave and this was as a result of the end of the thirty years campaign for eighteen week universal paid maternity leave scheme. Other positive benefits include equity in pay, long leave service, right for workers to from their own trade Union, employers are now supervised to ensure they offer minimum wages, paid public holidays, annual or periodic wage increase , paid overtime hours for work done during weekends or nights and Australians can now enjoying annual leave days. Political Unions are essential for any politician who is willing to turn majority of voters to vote for him as a leader (Webfinance Inc, 2011).

The negative aspect of Trade Unions from the public point of view is that they have generally been viewed as Gold Miners because of the amount of money they bargain for with the Business traders. Even though the law stipulates and protects unfair dismissal of workers, the trade Unions at times are overruled where evidence is not sufficient and hence they cannot be relied upon exclusively (Evans, 2005). Political Unions are on the other hand very draining in terms or financial resources because a lot of finances are required for campaigning from one state to the other.

In conclusion, since it is not authorized or passed by the law that it is compulsory for an individual to join a Union, the opinion solely depends with the worker whether to join the union or not and endure pain and suffering in times of difficult situations encountered in work places. But it is better to be safe than sorry.


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